UK RCS Workshop

UK RCS Workshop

MEF is delighted to be working in partnership with MobileSquared on the inaugural UK RCS Workshop
Mobilesquared has partnered with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, the IAB, and leading mobile vendors who work with some of the biggest brands in messaging and RCS, to bring together expertise and commercial insight from across the mobile ecosystem, and deliver a comprehensive 360 degree enterprise view of the UK RCS opportunity. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) has been instrumental in driving forward good practice in the messaging community, working together with global mobile operators, aggregators and vendors, as part of a group of 30+ organisations who make up the Future of Messaging Programme.
What is the UK RCS Workshop?
The UK RCS Workshop is a discussion-led event hosted by Mobilesquared, in partnership with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. It will feature an insight-packed programme covering five-year RCS market forecast data, early-adopter RCS brand case studies, and  roundtable discussion facilitated by RCS experts.
What will the UK RCS Workshop deliver?
This event will deliver a comprehensive view of the UK RCS opportunity, using the most accurate and robust RCS data available on the market, and will outline the pathway to successful strategic RCS implementation and explore commercial pricing models.
This event is a must-attend for companies looking to implement or evolve their RCS strategies.
What topics will be covered?
The agenda will include data, case studies, and discussion of the following key topics, in the context of the UK RCS market:

  • Is RCS here yet? When will we hit critical mass? Operator support and timescale to readiness
  • Exploring the increased reach and customer engagement possibilities that RCS will open up for brands
  • The impact of OTT. Why advertisers will look to move mobile ad budgets into RCS
  • Revenue uplift of RCS vs SMS. How much increased revenue can operators drive by using an RCS platform?
  • Defining commercial pricing models, including cost of message, structure of session, and revenue share
    opportunities. Plus, how will pricing be dictated?
  • RCS Deliverables. Including carousels, push models (event) and conversation models (session)
  • Impact of bots + AI
  • Security & threat of fraud. How can RCS remain free from grey traffic and spam?
  • Is RCS also effectively the evolution of apps, as well as SMS?
  • How to get an RCS opt-in, and the impact of GDPR
  • Steps to implementation, and how to build an effective RCS presence

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18 Oct 2018


13:30 - 17:30


14 Macklin Street London, WC2B 5NF UK

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