Telco Transformation LATAM

Telco Transformation Latin America will bring together market experts that will discuss new market trends, challenges and threats of Digital journey, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Risk Management, Cyber security, NFV, SDN, video, IoT, Cloud, Advertising among others relevant topics.

3 simultaneous sessions:

Session: Business Assurance, Fraud & Security Latin America
Session: Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Big Data & Analytics
Session: Network Transformation, SDN & NFV Latin America


Some topics for 2019:
– Future and Trends: Where are we going?
– Network Modernization and Virtualization: Which way to go?
– Latin America and its challenges in Risks, Security and Threats in the digital era
– How are telcos working to meet the real needs of evolution, automation and digitization and the road to 5G
– Problems of use – Bypass, IFRS, Wangiri – with its impacts on business finances and the evolution of this type of fraud and losses
– Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation.
– Data Analytics and Machine Learning: How can these innovations generate value for your business?
– The road to the Telco Cloud for a Tier 2
– IA must be incorporated into business and culture
– How companies are Preparing for Data Privacy, GDPR and Security: Challenges & Opportunities
– OmniChannel: How to build a client’s journey without borders
– What is the potential of Artificial Intelligence in cyber security to protect sensitive information and automatically identify vulnerabilities?
– Future of RA area, automated controls and best practices
– The Road to 5G: Operations and Monetization Challenges

Telco Transformation Latin America will take place on September 18–19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is being organized by Conecta Latam.

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18 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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