Mobile Ad Fraud – Whose inventory is it anyway?

eMarketer predicts that in 2019 mobile ad spend will surpass $93 billion — a full $20 billion more than what it expects will be spent on TV, but one of the biggest challenges to mobile advertising growth has been invalid traffic and mobile ad fraud concerns.

Ad fraud from fake installs to click spamming has significant impact on the app ecosystem from worthless campaigns paid for by marketers to millions of fraudulent installs that will never generate any in-app engagement or billing it’s a challenge for the whole mobile ecosystem.

MEF members explore what can be done technically and commercially to detect & prevent ad fraud and debate what as an industry should be done to raise awareness of this key issue

  • What are the different fraud types?
  • How to avoid them?
  • What new measures are in place to help prevent ad fraud?
  • What role can analytics play?
  • What can the industry do raise awareness?


Florian Lichtwald – Managing Director / Chief Data Officer, Zeotap

Matthias Kirsch, Head of Product, Freenet Digital

Jose María Prieto Pablos – New Business, Strategic Planning and Market research Director

Tim Green, Features Editor, MEF


03 Jul 2019


16:00 - 17:00





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