MEF Webinar | RCS Payments: Realising the Potential

What if consumers could make a payment inside a mobile messaging conversation? RCS brings rich features to the default messaging app in the next generation of smartphones. Integrating payments into RCS offers a new way to buy products and services, which is highly convenient. No web pages to navigate or apps to download. True conversational commerce; the ability to buy and goods and services via a simple digital conversation.

It’s early days for RCS and the payments landscape event more landscape. Operators can use existing APIs to process DCB payments in the background – as if an RCS message were an SMS message. Brands can also route users outside an RCS message session to a specialist web payment page for card payments.

To make it a seamless experience enabling a quick & secure purchase contained inside the RCS app, the industry needs to agree technical specifications and accelerate with trialling uses cases. In this webinar, MEF members explore the potential of RCS & Payments and look at the benefits and key requirements for seamless payments in RCS Business Messaging which will deliver new revenues for MNOs, messaging providers and payment providers alike.


Mathias Höllerl

Managing Director, DIMOCO Messaging

Pascal Dufour

Vice President – MENA & Turkey, Digital Virgo

Oscar Gallego

Global Head of Smart Communications & Security Consumer Products & Services – Group Technology, Vodafone

Tim Green

Editor, MEF


25 Jul 2019


16:00 - 17:00



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