A2P SMS Leadership 2019

ROCCO EVENT: A2P SMS Leadership 2019, Westminster London, May 29th 2019

ROCCO is delivering unique strategy events where it shares rare insights from its reports and research analysts. Delegates who are engaged with considering their strategic direction will benefit from this A2P SMS specific strategic review. This is a once a year, one day review of ROCCO’s latest strategic data on A2P SMS Messaging. With insights from MNOs and Enterprises.

ROCCO will present insights from its two latest reports on A2P SMS Vendor Performance during the event and announce in an awards ceremony the Tier 1 leaders in A2P SMS for the two categories: Ratings by MNOs and Ratings by Enterprises.


Delegates will leave the sessions with:

  • ROCCO’s latest insights into A2P SMS which have been used by many companies to develop their A2P SMS strategy.
  • Insights from Enterprises
  • Insights from MNOs
  • Insights on Monetisation and Fraud Prevention solutions
  • The names of the Tier 1 A2P SMS Aggregators for 2019 as rated by MNOs and Enterprises
  • An opportunity to meet and network with MNOs, Enterprises and Vendors who are part of the A2P SMS ecosystem
  • With its maximum attendance of 35 delegates, attendees can expect to hear and share insights and engage with other delegates in relevant strategic discussion.

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29 May 2019

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