MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Dam 9,, Amsterdam

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MEF Meet-up London

Tate Modern Bankside, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom, London, London

On the day before Messaging & SMS World starts, MEF will host an event dedicated to its members and guests. More details of the agenda to be released soon, so stay tuned and register your interest today. Register interest

Messaging & SMS World

Hilton London Bankside 2-8 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0UG, United Kingdom, London, London

Messaging and SMS World 2022 is returning on 28 – 29 June in London! After a successful virtual event last year which gathered more than 900 attendees from 360+ companies and 91 countries, the global messaging community is now ready to reunite in-person for two days of knowledge sharing and...

RCS World

The Foundry Google Building Gordon House, Barrow St, Dublin, Dublin

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum would like to invite the RCS business messaging world to show enterprises, digital marketeers, and customer experience specialists the potential of this new engagement channel. This two-day event will take place in the heart of Dublin, the emerging center for digital innovations in Europe with presence...