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SMS spoofing, caller ID (CLI) spoofing and even AI-assisted deep fakes are becoming one of the biggest obstacles to mobile trust and communications. Across the globe, traditionally trusted mechanisms are being used to exploit end users — even down to the sound of a friend’s or loved one’s voice. This puts pressure on mobile providers to not just remain aware of evolving fraud trends but to constantly adapt their services and offerings to meet advanced security requirements. The personal nature of these attacks makes them a prime adversary in the fight for safe, trusted communications — but awareness and education are the first steps toward security successes.

In this webinar, Bradley Greer, VP of Data Solutions and Product Marketing at phone number intelligence data leader netnumber, outlines different spoofing mechanisms, delves into the role of psychology in mobile communications and discusses the biggest challenges in our collective path. In this webinar, listeners can also expect to learn more about the most advanced solutions and tools available today to combat this harmful fraud and garner a deeper understanding of the key role of data

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Nick Millward

Nick Millward



Bradley  Greer

Bradley Greer

Vice President, Data Solutions & Product Marketing


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16:00 – 17:00



Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)