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As robotexting and other types of communications fraud continue to frustrate telecom carriers, enterprises, consumers and regulators, new solutions are needed to combat these increasingly sophisticated and costly scams.

One of the most nefarious scams involves brand impersonation through text messaging – a malicious activity that can result in significant losses for businesses and consumers. In this scenario, fraudsters may hijack trusted phone numbers of brands and financial institutions, such as call center numbers or emergency numbers used to report a stolen credit card and use them to extort customers via text messaging.

Keeping one step ahead of these evolving scams requires creative solutions to undercut communications fraudsters. In this webinar, hosted by Brad Greer of the global phone number intelligence leader netnumber Global Data Services, attendees will take an in-depth look into the texting ecosystem in North America and learn about recent innovations and key strategies for protecting providers, businesses and customers against potential crimes via U.S. text messaging.

Our Speakers

Micheal Becker

Micheal Becker

Personal Data & Identity Working Group Chair


Brad Greer

Brad Greer

Sr. Director, Data Solutions & Partnerships

netnumber Global Data Services

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07/12/2023 – 07/02/2024


16:00 – 17:00


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