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Join us in Stockholm on June 12th 2024 for MEF Leadership Forum Nordics! The plan is coming together very nicely already.

The event is limited to a maximum of 100 people (5 per MEF member company) and thanks to Tele2 for agreeing to host this event so comprehensively!

MEF Leadership Forum Nordics is the place to hear from – and be able to interact with – stakeholders from across Mobile in the Nordic region. Business Messaging will be the principal topic coming under the microscope and we’ll be showcasing the latest developments and use-cases from aggregators, CPaaS providers, MNOs, OTTs, technology suppliers and speaking with enterprises too.

The day before, on the evening of June 11th, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the MEF Meet-Up networking event. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with industry stakeholders in a comfortable environment – all details for that will appear HERE.
NB. registering for MEF Leadership Forum Nordics on June 12th will NOT automatically register you for the MEF Meet-Up event on June 11th and vice versa – you’ll need to register for both separately please.

Call for Speakers
If you’re interested in joining us and would like to speak at the event, please contact Nick Millward –

Call for Sponsors
Your support is welcome; there are several partnership, press, and sponsorship opportunities to support this groundbreaking event. Please send your engagement inquiries to

Martica Correa Gonzalez –

Nick Millward –


Our Speakers

Jelena Maduric

Jelena Maduric

Global Business Development Director


Mariola Knapik

Mariola Knapik

Head of Carrier Operations & Messaging Business


James Williams

James Williams

Vice President of Business Development


Elisha Sudlow-Poole

Elisha Sudlow-Poole

Senior Research Analyst

Juniper Research

Nick Millward

Nick Millward



Open Event

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All day


Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)
  • Gavin Patterson, Director of Data – MEF

Development of the Nordics Market

  • Tim Atkinson, RCS Business Development Manager – Google

Gain valuable insights from Tim Atkinson, Google, as he updates on the latest trends and innovations shaping today’s digital landscape

Join Messente for a thought-provoking session exploring the current state of Rich Communication Services (RCS) adoption and whether it’s fallen behind in the race for messaging supremacy:
– What is needed for faster RCS/RBM adoption?
– What is the incentive for A2P aggregators and CPaaS providers to push for adoption?
– How does RCS/RBM compare to Whatsapp and Viber from enterprise standpoint?

  • James Williams, Vice President of Business Development – XConnect
  • Mariola Knapik, Head of Carrier Operations & Messaging Business – Tele2
  • Jelena Meduric, Global Business Development Director – Infobip
  • Elisha Sudlow-Poole, Senior Research Analyst – Juniper Research
  • Nick Millward, Advisor – MEF

Those of you reading this and close to the world of Business Messaging know full well just how powerful mobile digital channels can be in delivering concrete outcomes; whether you frame it ‘conversion’ or something else they deliver like nothing else out there, literally. Think the humble SMS; done right it gets the eyeballs of 98% of their recipients on your content, the vast majority within less than 5 minutes. 5.6 billion people globally have access to it. The sad fact though is that we as an industry are failing badly with way less than 10% of the 300+ million listed businesses globally using it. Come the end of this year, only 1% of medium and large businesses will be using WhatsApp Business Messaging – and that’s the fastest growing Business Messaging channel globally. Join this panel to get to the bottom of all this and hear how all is far from lost. We can turn things around and you’ll find out how from people working at the coalface of the industry.

  • Thomas Therkildsen, Senior Director, Global Business Development & Services, Syniverse

• From gradual to accelerated changes in the messaging industry; advance of new Rich technologies and OTT
• What are the expectations from brands and subscribers? Discuss user experience and regulatory requirements
• Is RCS a channel or a marketing tool?
• Are we making it better or worse? Discuss the advance of retail and the threats of security, AIT and fraud

Many seam to observe a worrying trend on the market A2P SMS pricing offered on the market can be as low as 30% of the market price on a specific market – there are lots of suspicions, aggregators are being accused of mixing and dumping traffic to achieve these rates price

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