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MEF Leadership Forum Toronto 2024: Messaging Innovation and Trust

Join us for the MEF Leadership Forum Toronto 2024, where we explore the transformative power of AI and the crucial significance of trust and transparency in business messaging. This is the second year MEF and the Canadian Telecommunications Association have partnered to deliver great thought-leadership content and fantastic networking opportunities under one glorious roof. This event shines a spotlight on Canada’s pioneering role in adopting Rich Communication Services (RCS) and seamlessly integrating messaging platforms like WhatsApp. With a pan-American perspective, we invite participants from across the continent to engage, connect, and shape the future of messaging.


1. Trust & Transparency: Dive into the fundamental principles of KYC (Know Your Customer), KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer), and KYT (Know Your Traffic), laying the groundwork for a secure messaging ecosystem.

2. RCS Leadership: Recognize Canada’s leadership in RCS adoption, exploring its harmonious integration with popular platforms such as WhatsApp.

3. AI in Messaging: Uncover the revolutionary impact of AI in messaging, driving automation, fortifying spam filtering, and refining the user experience.

Networking – coffees, lunch, and The MEF MEET UP

Conclude the day at the MEF MEET UP; a networking event designed to foster new connections among industry leaders, innovators and peers in an informal and enriching environment.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the MEF Leadership Forum Toronto 2024!


Our Speakers

Ruth Zive

Ruth Zive

Chief Marketing Officer


Open Event

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08:30 – 20:30



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