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MEF once again will take centre stage in Theatre 4 Hall 7 on Tuesday 28th Feb from 15:00 for its members, with the Future of Mobile Summit.

Audiences will traverse through a ‘Vision for the future of personal data and identity management and a new path to value’ to the Future of Identity and Authentication, and onto the Future of Messaging. We stop briefing to explore Connectivity and then onto how the investment community is looking at the mobile opportunity. The Future of Numbers will be followed by The Future of Subscriptions, and then we’ll learn how to Protect your Media spends from being eaten by bots. We complete the Summit with a glimpse into the Future of our industry, where we end with a celebratory toast to the Future!

JP Morgan Chase, Bloomberg Intelligence, iProov, Rakuten Viber, mFilterIt, Lanck Telecom, XConnect, Hot Telecom & Bango will deliver incredible thought-leadership Sessions with phenomenal speakers and experts in their respective fields.The theatre only seats 150 so make sure to secure your ticket. Networking, Video interviews, Expo, Q&A, Refreshments, and a celebratory toast to the Future at the end, all packed into one afternoon. The Summit will close at 19:00.


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15:00 – 19:00


Personal Data and Digital Identity, and a New Path to Value
Personal data and identity are fueling the world’s economies. Today, personal data and identity are used to glean market insights, inform go-to-market strategies, enhance customer experiences, mitigate fraud, and so much more. However, when it comes to personal data and identity, changes in consumer opinions, regulations, and technology are putting pressure on businesses to reconsider their approach to personal data and identity management. In this session, Ann Li will discuss JP Morgan’s Vision for the future of personal data and identity management and a new path to value. She will explore the importance of focusing on the individual and customer experience, how emerging decentralized technologies have the potential—when embraced strategically—to add significant commercial and operational value to a business, and ecosystem engagement strategies that courageous leaders can consider to meet the demands of our ever-evolving markets.

PRESENTATION: The future frameworks for trusted digital identities will continue to place face biometrics as a vital component in establishing trust in remote individuals. Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov, and Chair MEF Global Board of Directors outlines:
– How new identity architectures will help grow the content and communications business
– The growing and evolving threats to authentication
– Why choice, transparency and trust are vital to secure adoption
FIRESIDE CHAT Andrew Bud and Dave Birch will explore:
– The role of identity and authentication in preventing fraud on people and providers
– Authentication beyond the device
– The rise of Verifiable Credentials and ISO 18013-5 mDLs – giving people greater control over their data and assuring their privacy, whilst being highly secure

  • Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET, Founder & CEO – iProov & Chair MEF Board
  • David Birch, 15Mb Ltd advisory practice, Global Ambassador Consult Hyperion, Honorary President of EEMA, the European e-ID Association and a Digital Fellow at the University of Exeter Business School’s DIGIT Lab

What do superapps mean for the future of brand-user interactions and how can they benefit marketers and businesses? The panel will discuss the most common goals that brands seek to achieve with messaging apps, solutions to take customer experience to the next level, and how superapp capabilities of messaging apps can make them even more useful for brands.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Limor Bailey, Partnership Account Director – Rakuten Viber
  • Vladimir Gerneshi, Product Director, Enterprise – GMS

Lanck Telecom processes billions of international calls and SMS every year, and strives to provide more value to current and future customers. Using an in-house AI technology, that was tried internally on their own traffic, Lanck Telecom now serves anti-fraud products to other industry players. Not just a transit carrier – but a transit carrier that serves tech, tailored by market itself.

The mobile ecosystem has undergone profound change over the last decade fueled by the rise of 4G-connectivity and a plethora of enabling computing-technologies. Where are investors placing their bets for the next decade of evolution (or revolution) and where will that take the industry?

Will we still be using phone numbers in the coming years? With data only SIMS and the growth in popularity of OOT providers, will we still have or need phone numbers? Tim Ward discusses the benefits they bring to identity and validation services and what the alternatives will be.

Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+? Spotify vs Apple Music? HelloFresh vs BlueApron? There’s a battle raging in the subscription economy, Bango commissioned independent research with 2,500 subscription consumers to find out more and bring together a panel of industry experts to unpick the study findings. Join this discussion on what the current consumer frustrations with subscriptions and understand how telcos and merchants are working together to turn this into an opportunity to delight all customers simultaneously improving stickiness, upselling more content and acquiring new consumers.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Jane Villeneuve, Director of Revenue & Growth – Optus SubHub
  • Anil Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder – Bango
  • Alexis Bartelds, Co-Founder – Sam Media

Today brands are spending close to $602bn worldwide on digital advertising. Out of which, $100 bn is estimated to be wasted due to ad fraud by the end of 2023. The biggest gap to be filled is the trust gap between various players in the value chain.  The advertiser should have transparency and confidence in where and what money is being spent and at the same time, the publisher and agency partners should mirror the brand’s expectations. mFilterIt is that critical bridge which fills this gorge. We are on a mission to bring more trust and transparency into the digital ecosystem. We are educating and empowering advertisers to spend their ad spends more confidently and attract cleaner traffic to their ad campaigns.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Dhiraj Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO – mFilterIt

Join us for one of the most exciting and thought provoking session of the afternoon where a Super Top Dog and a Junior Top Dog of the industry will come face to face to discuss the future of the mobile world in a fast paced challenge.

  • Isabelle Paradis, President – Hot Telecom
  • Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, MEF Board Adviser
  • Luanna Luna Sena, Senior Sales Executive, China Mobile International UK