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Join us on April 18th and 19th 2023 in Dublin, Ireland for MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging 2023We’ve made things very easy for you and the whole event (including the MEF Meet-Up on the evening of April 18th) takes place at the stunning Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin. We get going at 10am Dublin time on April 18th and end following a delicious networking lunch on April 19th Everything will be live streamed too in case you can’t make it over in person.  REGISTRATION is OPEN! N.B. There are both online and in-person attendance options 

This fully hybrid MEF event is THE place to hear from – and be able to interact with  – stakeholders from across the globe who will share with you everything you need to know about how to ace Business Messaging, all whilst protecting consumers.

We’ll be showcasing the latest developments and use-cases from aggregators, CPaaS providers, MNOs, OTTs, technology suppliers and speaking with enterprises. Global brands such as Uber will be there telling us how they choose their digital channels and suppliers. With great networking opportunities, this will be one event you won’t want to miss. A truly global perspective awaits.

The evening of April 18th, immediately following the first day of the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the MEF Meet-Up networking event. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with industry stakeholders in a comfortable environment, enjoying all the hospitality Ireland has to offer!

The full event schedule is available below and as we receive information from our sponsors, this page will be regularly updated so keep coming back and don’t delay signing up for MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging now!


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18/04/2023 – 19/04/2023


08:30 – 14:30


Day 1, Tuesday 18th April

Our CEO Dario Betti gets our Business Messaging show under way!

  • Dario Betti – CEO Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Within the business messaging market, a heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of rich media content. Rapid digitalisation places pressure on enterprises to establish an omnichannel presence across all messaging channels or lose customers. Within this fragmented market, one can be mistaken for focusing solely on the future of OTT (Over the Top) messaging applications and RCS (Rich Communication Services). However, the value of SMS within the business messaging market must not be understated, given the channel’s impressive open rates and unrivalled subscriber reach. This session will provide invaluable, data-driven insights to enterprises, messaging aggregators and network operators, highlighting the opportunities afforded by SMS business messaging and outlining what industry stakeholders must do to support future growth. It will also highlight the challenges involved with SMS monetisation, including illegitimate routing and competition from OTT channels as a result of commercial model fluctuations.

  • Elisha Sudlow-Poole, Research Analyst – Juniper Research

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

When service providers encounter fraud, they often cast a wide net of anti-fraud measures – to make sure they stop fraud for good. However, it’s often legal calls and messages to and from legal number ranges that are stopped as well – becoming a false positive. In this session, we will discuss how false positive originates, what is the effect on business – and how to keep it as low as possible.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Vladimir Smal, Head of Sales & Procurement, Global Messaging – LANCK Telecom

  • Igor Skutsenya, Senior Business Development Manager, Antifraud Solutions – LANCK Telecom

  • Dmitry Sumin, Head of Products – AB Handshake

  • Pat Flynn, Director of Business Development – Nettzer

SMS is ubiquitous, billions of people globally familiar and comfortable with it – exactly why SMS found itself taking on much of the heavy lifting duties of 2FA. It’s been doing it for a long time but are its days numbered? Commercial model pressures, security concerns and new authenitcation methods such as A2P Voice Flash and Passkey are challenging its supremacy. The heavyweight speakers on this panel know the industry inside out and in a robust discussion will be letting us know where they see the world of Authentication today and indeed provide a glimpse of where they see it heading…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Carlos DaSilva, VP Products, Strategy & Business Operations – PCCW Global

  • Igor Skutsenya, Senior Business Development Manager, Antifraud Solutions – LANCK Telecom

  • Bart Van den Bempt, Head of Digital & Cloud Communications Portfolio – BICS

  • Brian D’Arcy, Director Global Telecoms Business Development – Infobip

  • Markus Balasus, Voice & Mobile Services Product Manager – Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

In the increasingly complex world of CPaaS, aggregators, MNOs, campaign registration and message filtering, we shouldn’t forget that the ultimate power to read or ignore a message lies with the recipient.  In this session we explore the tools available to the recipients and discuss the implications for business messaging.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Stuart McBride, Director, Product Management – ENEA AB

Whether you’ll be with us in Dublin or watching live online, join us for a fast-paced, fun-filled few minutes. All of you can play along. Our Director of Programmes might be addicted to his computer and a well-known search engine but there’ll be no computers or smartphones allowed for you! Let’s find out what you REALLY know about the world of Mobile…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Ross Flynn, Advisor – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Having a customer opt in to enterprise communications is one of the most ideal scenarios in today’s modern digital business landscape. After all, being able to relay key product and service messages to a willing, receptive audience across their desired channels is the bread and butter of driving engagement, sales and more. However, this opportunity can also become a liability if opt-in lists and CRM databases are not managed correctly. What was once an eager participant can quickly become a frustrated end-user that is no longer attuned to your business messaging. At the nexus of these two outcomes — customer communications success versus a loss of customer attention (or worse) — is the strategy with which enterprises keep their customer data refreshed. In this session, netnumber Global Data Services, a global leader in phone number intelligence data, discusses what tools are necessary for keeping business communications’ lists reliable and up-to-date so that enterprises can continue building strong customer rapport without losing trust.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Catalin Badea, Sr. Director, Product Management – netnumber

Aegis and The Campaign Registry (TCR) discuss the pitfalls faced when trying to ensure correct data entry and fast data verification for brands globally.

  • Ross Flynn, Advisor – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • John Bruner, CEO – Aegis Mobile

  • Stefan Heller, VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships – TCR

A trend of conversational marketing has been gaining traction for a while now. According to data, 86% of people are willing to pay more for an enhanced customer experience – and brands can drive conversions through conversations in messaging apps. During the panel, we will discuss how two-way interactions can improve customer experience, what’s next for conversational marketing, and how messaging apps will support frictionless conversations in the future.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer – Rakuten Viber

  • Valeria Magoni, Senior Director, Product & Corporate Marketing – Kaleyra

  • Beatriz Garcia Torre, Chief Interconnection Officer –

  • Ben Lewis, VP Marketing & Growth – Infobip

Those of you close to it will know just how powerful business messaging done right is. But then there’s a huge audience out there who don’t. And they are unfortunately in the majority. This session brings together representatives from many different types of organisations to share their real-life experiences with business messaging. No theory here. Good or bad we’ll hear exactly what they are doing with it today and, who knows, you might just have some suggestions on how to improve things for them yet further…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – Mobile Ecosystem Forum

  • Olly White, Fitness Instructor – flacks fit 24

  • Hari Chinni, Senior Manager, CPaaS & IoT – Uber

  • Alex Ciubuc, CEO – Moldtelecom

  • Paul Ruppert, Consultant – Global Point View

Day 2, Wednesday 19th April

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF

Join seasoned veteran of all things messaging, Nick Lane to gain a better understanding of consumers’ usage of messaging, how to drive businesses to use messaging while increasing business spend.

  • Nick Lane, Founder & Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

Business messaging is in a period of exponential growth but messaging fraud is also on the rise. Ensuring the future success of the industry will require better controls over fraudulent messaging activities by all parties. The scale of the problem of things like Artificially Inflated Traffic, Smishing and SIM Box usage is happening right under the nose of the industry so the question remains, why haven’t we dealt with this yet? Join a panel discussion with speakers representing all corners of the business messaging ecosystem for what will be a direct, hard-hitting discussion evaluating why after so many years our industry has so much more to do to truly stop bad actors in their tracks…

  • Alex Duncan – Co-Founder & CEO – Openmind Networks

Conversational commerce is shaping up to the be the holy grail for marketeers the world over but how do we as an industry get the message out there (pun intended!) about just how powerful it can be to increase conversion, client satisfaction, loyalty etc.? Well, MEF has the answer – seeing is believing and the proof of the pudding is after all in the eating. Join us here for a peek under the hood of how conversations are really being used today to great effect.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF

  • Bhanu Singh, COO & Director of Engineering – Tubelight Communications

  • Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder & CEO – Out There Media

  • Bernd Heinen, Senior Product Manager, Corporate Messaging – Telefonica Germany

  • Alex Nourouzi, Carrier Sales – Dotgo

Artificial inflation and generation of traffic is one of the top issues the industry is facing. Find out how much of a problem it is, what’s causing it and what can be done about it

  • Jason Lunn, Global Connectivity, CPaaS – Cisco

  • Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services – XConnect

  • Nick Lane, Founder & Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

The quiz show Jeopardy is arguably the world’s the most watched TV quiz show – with tens of millions having watched the show across more than 30 countries. The idea is simple – contestants get a clue to solve that comes in the way of an answer – and they then have to figure out the right question that leads to these answers. If they guess correctly, they stand to make a fortune. In this session we’ll do the same with SMS – the world’s most viewed, though currently underappreciated – messaging channel. We’ll be setting out the challenges and opportunities facing SMS, and asking our audience, what is the right approach, or question, they need to figure out to take advantage of this sleeping giant of communication. And those that get it right – well, they’ll have just figured out the solution they need to unlock their own SMS fortune without, you guessed it, jeopardising their own profitable future.

  • Tom Barter, Marketing Director – HAUD

  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence – HAUD

  • Nick Lane, Founder & Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

  • David Creasey-Benjamin, Future Messaging Evangelist – Webex CPaaS Solutions

A2P SMS is coming under increasing pressure. Bad actors are leveraging the facts that billions of people are already comfortable with it and the growing revenues in play provide a nice juicy target. Holes in its security and some commercial models in play too are pushing heavy customers of A2P SMS to look elsewhere though. But is all this temporary? Will A2P SMS cement its long term future and growth truly accelerate to a point where the majority of organisations actually end up using it? Or have we blown the golden opportunity once and for all? Have your say on this topic as we close out the event in style with what is sure to be a very robust discussion…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF

  • Janis Lietavietis, Business Development Manager – Messente Communications

  • Ramy Riad, VP Future Messaging – Cisco

  • Ira Cohen, VP Business Development & Marketing – MMDSmart

  • Scott Warner, Director, Emerging Services – S and BTS

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