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We are pleased to introduce MEF’s short insight report that highlights some of the key opportunities for suppliers that are apparent from the IoT Enterprise Survey.

We spoke to senior individuals with responsibility for IoT in 450 organisations ranging from 250 employees to large undertakings across nine key global markets in Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe. All these enterprises are already using IoT applications and are drawn from key IoT sectors and verticals including – Automotive / Transportation / Storage, Logistics and Supply Chain / Utilities / Healthcare / Manufacturing and Industrial / Agriculture / Retail and Wholesale.

The analysis of the data points to some interesting findings and can be used by suppliers in how to approach enterprises, what to discuss with them and to clarify where the main opportunities lie.

This report aims to answer some key questions:

  • Where are the main opportunities for future market growth by segment, geography and enterprise size?
  • Which enterprise needs are driving this growth?
  • Which connectivity technologies do they plan to use and the specific benefits they want from 5G?
  • Which suppliers are most trusted and how can a supplier best approach an enterprise?
  • What are the key attributes that enterprises look for in a supplier

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Globally 63% of companies expect IoT implementations to grow by at least 5%, driven by the desire to gain business advantage. 5G is growing at the expense of legacy connectivity, and suppliers should build this into roadmaps for future developments, but beyond connectivity, suppliers need to provide solutions that offer security, management platforms and eSIM.

James WilliamsMEF Director of Programmes