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Business Messaging Traffic

A2P SMS Beginning to Feel Effect of Rich Messaging A2P SMS has long been the only game in town for mobile business messaging but now may be beginning to feel its age. Data extrapolated from our analyst partner, Mobilesquared, shows the A2P SMS share of average messages sent per user…
Myra Bachtiar
January 3, 2024

UK P2P messaging

UK texts fall by 115bn over last 10 years New reseach published by Ofcom perfectly illustrates the impact online messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram have had on traditional person-to-person texting via SMS and MMS in the UK... and should sound alarm bells for the future of A2P…
John Beshara
November 7, 2023

WhatsApp in India

WhatsApp is the preferred channel to hear from businesses in India Most mobile users in India prefer to receive business messages via WhatsApp (45%) than any other messaging channel. Email ranked second (41%), followed by SMS (35%), traditional voice calls (33%) and Instagram (29%).
John Beshara
November 7, 2023