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Fraud Text

Almost 40% of Smartphone Users Receive Fraudulent Text Messages A total of 39% of smartphone users surveyed by MEF have received fraudulent text messages that aim to harvest sensitive personal data such as passwords and account information. However, there is a marked difference in the rate of these attacks depending…
Myra Bachtiar
May 13, 2024

Harm on Mobile

Most Mobile Data Attacks Still Via Email... SMS Second! Most incidents of Phishing or Spoofing on smartphones still occur via Email, according to MEF's 9th Annual Trust Study, with 52% of users reporting personal experience of data harm via this channel. Surprisingly, 39% of those users still took no preventative…
Myra Bachtiar
May 13, 2024


39% of smartphone users experienced smishing attacks in 2023 Approximately 39% of smartphone users experiencing smishing attacks in 2023 (up from 36% in 2002), but the number of incidents vary greatly from market to market. Consumers in seven of the 10 markets tracked by MEF actually saw a reduction in…
John Beshara
November 7, 2023