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Mobile payments are Trusted More in Developed Economies - Except Canada! Concerns about things going wrong while making payments on our smartphones are generally higher in developing and mobile-first economies than in more-developed economies, according to MEF survey data from 13 markets. However, there was an interesting outlier in each…
Myra Bachtiar
February 2, 2024

Security perceptions of behaviour on mobile

Social media posts and internet downloads are the least secure mobile practices Almost one third of people who share their personal data on social media do not believe it is secure, according to the latest survey data from MEF. Downloading content from the internet wasn't trusted by almost a quarter…
John Beshara
November 7, 2023

Perception of change: Payments

Direct Carrier Billing getting faster, more convenient and safer Mobile users believe Direct Carrier Billing (adding the cost of purchases to their mobile phone bill) is getting faster, more convenient and safer to use. The number of global users surveyed by MEF in 2023 that thought DCB was fast rose…
John Beshara
November 7, 2023