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We are pleased to introduce MEF’s short insight report on Cellular Solutions for Identity Verification for enterprises. The content is taken from MEF’s first survey looking at Enterprise Personal Data, Identification, Verification and Authentication researched in 2021.

We have spoken to senior individuals in 450 enterprises of varying sizes in nine leading geographical markets. These enterprises represent key sectors interested in personal data, identification, verification and authentication, including financial services, fintech, payments, e-commerce and healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • The business pressures on identity management are primarily customer related

  • The most critical actual use is to improve operational efficiency, and to help drive product development

  • 25% of enterprises attribute most of their customer churn to friction from identity management

  • Globally, almost 2/3 of enterprises only use cellular for identifying, verifying and authenticating customers

  • There is wide opportunity for growth in cellular identity management

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Cellular is in wide use for identification, verification and authentication and can support the customer and enterprise throughout the customer journey. There are a myriad of tools and process for enterprises to deploy and enterprises are looking to trusted partners in support of their goals. Suppliers need to educate enterprises on solutions for identity verification and communicate the clear benefits of different technical approaches, particularly around Telco APIs if they want to be successful in driving their own approaches to solving enterprise challenges.

James WilliamsDirector of Programmes