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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Wirecard on the untapped magic of payment data

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At a basic level, payment data will reveal the things you purchased. But combine this with when you bought them, what the weather was like, what else you bought and so on, and a retailer can really start to understand its customers. At Money 20/20 last month, Wirecard launched a new service to crunch payment data. MEF talked to its EVP of mobile services Jörn Leogrande…

In the transition to digital commerce, all businesses are encouraged to think about data. Experts advise them to analyse everything a customer does in the lead up to a payment.

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On Device Research insight: the rise and rise of rewarded mobile video ads

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Video ads outscore all other formats by all measures of effectiveness – and none more so than ‘rewarded’ video ads. MEF Minute talked to market analyst On Device Research about the impact of this rising medium…

Facebook recently gave game developers a new ad option: rewarded video.

The logical reaction to this news from market watchers was: what took you so long?

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – DOCOMO Digital targets the sharing economy

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The sharing economy has a payment problem. It’s complex to manage millions of small transactions. This is why DOCOMO Digital launched NOMO. Hiroyuki Sato, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, explained it to MEF Minute…

“The sharing economy is commerce with the promise of a human connection. We think of the big guys like Uber and AirBnB, but everyone can be a vendor of any kind. They can contribute to society. It’s a really important aspect of the future. And NOMO is helping with this evolution.”

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SpotX Q&A: “Of course there can be 15 minute mobile video ads”

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If video is inevitable future of mobile advertising, why can’t there be long-form ads? There can, says SpotX’s Allen Klosowski. He talked to MEF Minute about what’s coming next for video advertising on the small screen…

In advertising, there are universal rules. Anyone who has studied the history of medium knows that. And one of the most important is this: Long copy is best. This might seem counter-intuitive. With short attention spans, surely it’s best to keep everything as brief as possible, right?

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in Mobile First Markets – Opera Software/Opera Max

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Consumers in mobile first countries are desperately hungry for digital services. But they can be held back by the cost of data. Opera is tackling this with its Opera Max product, which has won the Innovation in Mobile First Markets Meffy for 2016…

It’s ironic that the countries where mobile is ‘first’ are generally the countries where mobile data is the most expensive (in real terms).

In its recent State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software revealed that the average German can pay for 500MB with one hour of work.

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Meffys 2016 winner profile: Consumer Trust – Hiya

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MEF Minute readers won’t need reminding that mobile is the most personal, universal and immediate of all media. People love this. Sadly, so do fraudsters, scammers and opportunistic marketers. As phone penetration has passed 100 per cent in many regions, unwelcome calls and texts have proliferated. Hiya Mobile says from January to May 2016, nearly 1.5 robocall complaints were submitted to the Federal Trade Commission in the US. Hiya offers...
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Executive Insights Video Series: Bruno Mettling, CEO of Orange, Middle East & Africa

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What are the fundamental issues facing the world’s mobile operators? In the first of an exclusive new video series supported by Mahindra Comviva, MEF talked to Bruno Mettling, CEO of Orange Middle East & Africa, about digital transformation…

Are mobile operators the new ‘over the top’ players? It’s an interesting question. Everyone knows that the original ‘OTTs’ – Facebook, Google, Amazon and others – have rushed to compete with operators in messaging, content and more.

But when Orange recently declared its intention to bring societal renewal to Africa by investing in health, education and even electricity generation, isn’t this going ‘over the top’ too?

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Mobile Messaging – OpenMarket, Virgin Trains Project Surge

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OpenMarket and Virgin Trains scooped the Meffy 2016 award for Innovation in Mobile Messaging. They won for “Project Surge’ – a delightfully simple but effective solution to congestion at Euston train station…

Anyone who has ever waited for a train will recognise the mass stampede when platform number is confirmed on the big screen.
At London’s Euston station, the problem is particularly acute. It’s one of the UK’s most crowded stations – with daily passenger volumes (40,000) that match those of Heathrow Airport.

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in Engagement – Bango Boost

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Every year, direct carrier billing expands across more regions, stores and operators. The channel brings a payment option to millions of people who don’t have – or don’t wish to use – a card. Bango’s Boost tool uses analytics to help operators maximise these revenues. It’s the Meffys 2016 winner for Innovation in Engagement…

Bango has been a pioneer of carrier billing for nearly two decades. When it launched, the only option was the reverse-billed text message. Today, the process is immeasurably more efficient. Users can pay in a well-designed interface using one click.

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Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in Content – Orange TV Clipping

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TV viewers – especially younger ones – can barely watch without using their smartphones to comment on and share what they see on screen. Orange TV Clipping helps them do it. The tool has just won the 2016 Innovation in Content award…

“For Millennials, watching TV without a smartphone is the same as watching it without audio.” So says Emanuele De Leonardis, innovation director of data and analytics at Orange.

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