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Infographic: The connected car market to 2020

By 2020 there will be an estimated 220 million connected cars on the road according to Business Insider.  And with connectivity comes all manner of IoT services.  Vehicle diagnostics, autonomous communication with a dealership for service notifications, smart cars communicating with smart traffic lights and more. And with more and…
Tim Banks
September 8, 2015
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Why nearly everyone is wrong about Apple Pay

From news reports, you might think that the main use case for Apple Pay is contactless payments. Well, it’s not, says exasperated industry watcher Tim Green... Almost exactly a year ago, Tim Cook unveiled Apple Pay. He showed a video of a woman struggling to pay in-store with a bunch…
Tim Banks
September 3, 2015

MEF Report reveals consumers worldwide are embracing mobile banking

MEF today released its annual Global Mobile Money report in association with Wirecard and authored by Tim Green from Mobile Money Revolution.  As new mobile payment models come online, and more sectors embrace mobile as the primary channel for customer engagement and transaction, the report reveals significant mobile money trends…
Sam Hill
June 16, 2015