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Sector focus

Sector focus

Retail focus: the mobile coupon market

Paper-based coupons are expensive to issue, time-consuming to redeem and hard to track. Yet they still dominate at retail. Here, MEF Minute looks at the challenges facing the mobile coupon sector. Consumers love coupons. According to the trade body ACH, marketers of consumer packaged goods in the US issued 310…
Tim Banks
December 23, 2015
Sector focus

The dramatic rise of language learning apps

Apps like Babbel, Memrise and Duolingo use gamification to make learning convenient, fun and very fast. Could they have a future in schools? Every day, millions of children go to school dreaming of the moment they can come home and get back to Call of Duty. Or Candy Crush. Or…
Sam Hill
November 4, 2015
DCB growthSector focusVAS

From A to B via NFC, DCB, SMS…

This week in our sector focus, MEF Minute takes a brief tour around the world of travel and mobile ticketing. Until the moment Uber completely takes over the world, the daily reality for most regular commuters is public transport. And that reality is not always a pleasant one. For the…
Sam Hill
October 21, 2015