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The global mobile money landscape update

The mobile money landscape continues to grow in every direction finding new ways to add convenience to the routine business of transactions, whether that be purchasing an app  (or purchasing something within an app), transferring money to relatives or friends or splitting and paying a restaurant bill. What's interesting is…
Tim Banks
October 21, 2015
MEF LatAmRegulation

Brazil Focus: the Smartphone Market

In this special country focus, we look at how local tax laws have shaped what is now the world’s fourth largest market for smartphones. In the summer of 2014 armed thieves pulled off an audacious and very successful armed raid of Samsung's factory in Campinas, Brazil. They loaded seven trucks with notebooks,…
Sam Hill
September 30, 2015
Guest blogm-commerceMobile PaymentsRegulation

Direct Carrier Billing and Boku’s e-money: from digital to physical purchases

Until recently, in Europe, direct carrier billing (AKA direct operator billing) was restricted to the purchase of digital goods and operated under an exemption to the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD). This regulatory framework was largely established to deal with the purchase of ringtones and wallpapers. Now however, it’s possible for…
Sam Hill
December 10, 2014
Guest blogMobile PaymentsRegulation

Enabling the move from cash to mobile money

Its no secret that much of the innovation around mobile money and mobile financial services is coming from growth markets.  Typically large sections of the population in these countries are un-banked and have limited access to any physical banking infrastructure yet feature phone and smartphone penetration is high.  Taken together…
Sam Hill
October 24, 2014

The 2014 Mobile Market in Brazil [Infographic]

With global attention still on Brazil for the final stages of the World Cup, US Media Consulting has put together this timely infographic offering key stats for Brazil’s mobile market. Brazil has 134% mobile penetration while smartphones account for 18% of the mobile market for example. Earlier this year MEF's LatAm Chairman…
Sam Hill
July 7, 2014
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