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NB-IoT – in Japan DoCoMo says ‘no more’

NTT DoCoMo will discontinue its NB-IoT network – 11 months after launch - The Japanese operator will continue to serve the market with the existing LTE-M service for IoT - This might not be about the strength of NB-IoT, but the rationale for a telco to keep multiple IoT networks…
Sam Hill
April 10, 2020
Internet of ThingsOpinions

Great IoT technologies, slow IoT deployments

Angel Dobardziev, Director at independent research consultancy WhiteBridge Insight, shares his key takeaways from IoT World and what the exhibition and debates on the show tell us about the future of the IoT space. The recent IoT World event in Silicon Valley was very insightful. The IoT enabling technologies we…
Sam Hill
June 5, 2019
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The Status of Trust in the Digital Economy

Iain McCallum, mobile industry veteran and MEF Advisor explores the future of Trust and identity in the digital eco-system in a series of webinars and articles. With the identity and access management industry conservatively valued to be worth between $20-25 billion dollars by 2022 (Grand View Research 2018) and significant…
Sam Hill
April 25, 2019
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