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Huawei AppGallery: time to bet on the new App Store?

The idea of a third App Store, probably makes many app developers shake their heads furiously. The market has long been dominated by the Apple and Google stores, and many others have already struggled to build any kind of position including BlackBerry, Amazon and Samsung. The latest company to try…
Sam Hill
September 18, 2020
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Privacy, the GDPR implementation and competition enforcement

MEF regulatory advisor Serafino Abate examines recent privacy events in Europe where in Germany courts took action against Facebook’s practices and the EU’s first GDPR implementation report was published. A few weeks back, we saw two different, but related, public interventions on privacy and data protection. In Germany, the Supreme…
Sam Hill
July 16, 2020
Mobile PaymentsOpinions

Zimbabwe blocks mobile money

MEF CEO Dario Betti comments on news that the Zimbabwean government is stopping mobile payment services across the country. The assessment touches on the impact on one of the most developed mobile money markets in the world and provides lessons for the entire industry. The Ministry of Information of Zimbabwe…
Sam Hill
July 7, 2020
Mobile ContentOpinions

More mobile mergers to be allowed in the EU

MEF regulatory advisor Serafino Abate looks at the EU General Court’s recent decision taking apart the approach of the Directorate-General for Competition on mobile operators mergers. The number of networks competing in a market could lower from 4 to 3. Should we expect more mobile mergers and what could it…
Sam Hill
June 24, 2020

Brazil Telecom: ready for consolidation?

The market for mobile telecommunication in Brazil is showing signs of a possible consolidation in terms of mobile networks. The current four players – VIVO, TIM, Claro and Oi – might soon become three, with Oi (currently in bankruptcy protection) leaving the mobile market and focussing on the restructuring of…
Sam Hill
May 11, 2020
Internet of ThingsOpinions

NB-IoT – in Japan DoCoMo says ‘no more’

NTT DoCoMo will discontinue its NB-IoT network – 11 months after launch - The Japanese operator will continue to serve the market with the existing LTE-M service for IoT - This might not be about the strength of NB-IoT, but the rationale for a telco to keep multiple IoT networks…
Sam Hill
April 10, 2020