Google wants you on the appternet

Last week, Google unveiled an option to install apps, not from Google Play, but from search results. More evidence that the firm desperately wants apps and the web to play nicely together. Google really loves the web. The web has made Google a $527 billion company. Why wouldn’t Google love…
Tim Green
January 28, 2016
10 thingsAnalyticsOpinions

10 facts about the Bangladesh mobile advertising market

Kaymun Amin, CEO and Founder of MEF Member VuMobile takes a deep dive into the Bangladesh market, explaining why it presents such an exciting opportunity for advertisers, and how to maximise a mobile campaign’s effectiveness. 1) Bangladesh’s has a mobile internet base of 50million and 1.5billion impressions per month traffic.
Sam Hill
January 26, 2016

Stories from the web you might (not) like

What is it with all these sponsored posts about plastic surgery nightmares? They’re everywhere. Tim Green (yet to go under the knife) is not impressed… Do you know the one simple trick for fighting tummy flab? Or which child stars have grown up ugliest? Or who had the 28 worst…
Sam Hill
January 21, 2016
MEF AsiaOpinionsVAS

Value added services in Asia-Pacific: part 1

The mobile value added services market is pegged to grow to a value of more than $7oo billion worldwide by 2020, and its the Asia-Pacific region that is the largest and fastest growing global region. In this first part of two-part special insights article on VAS in the Asia-Pacific region,…
Tim Banks
January 15, 2016

My ears are the wrong shape for Apple

So, Apple wants to get rid of the old-fashioned audio jack. The tech blogs are fizzing with rumours that this relic of the analogue age (invented in 1878 would you believe) is on its way out. Apparently Cupertino wants it to go the way of the floppy disc and the…
Sam Hill
January 14, 2016
Guest blogMobile GamingOpinions

Industry views: mobile games outlook 2016

Mobile Games remains the biggest single sector in our ecosystem when it comes to consumption and monetization. 2015 was another growth year from Nintendo’s dramatic entry into the market to Activision’s purchase of King. Looking forward, the arrival of new technology such as smartwatches and VR, has begun to reshape…
Tim Banks
January 13, 2016

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