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Elvis cushions and the end of retail

What wouldn't you buy from your phone? Not much, says Tim Green whose discovery of an Elvis cushion in a junk shop led him to consider the future of shopping. Last weekend was Mother’s Day in the UK. To mark this occasion my lovely wife and I took a bracing…
Tim Green
March 17, 2016
MEF Connects MWCMEFTVOpinions

#MWC16 highlights: Views from the show floor

During Mobile World Congress 2016 we asked MEF members for their insights into the most exciting developments on show in Barcelona. With a myriad of new handsets, technologies, VR headsets and connected devices to choose from, hear about some of the highlights and big themes from the showfloor.
Sam Hill
March 3, 2016

All of MWC 2016 shrunk into 15 takeaways

VR is great to use but tough to sell. No one cares about watches. You can shove the new wearable idea in your ear. Phones have a problem – they're too awesome. Tim Green went to MWC16 and he's boiled down four days of noise into 15 easily digestible nuggets...
Tim Green
February 25, 2016
Internet of ThingsOpinions

Keeping mobile in the connected car

Another major feature of CES this year was the connected car where the debate between “brought in” vs “built in” connectivity continued apace. As on board solutions become more sophisticated and reliable, MEF Minute Editor Sam Hill asks could the mobile phone end up being left out of the equation?
Sam Hill
February 16, 2016