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The great mobile data sovereignty debate

A recent case that’s been making headlines and putting privacy at the center of the discussion is the Apple versus FBI controversy. At the upcoming MEF Global Consumer Trust Summit, the industry will discuss drivers in the mobile ecosystem when it comes to privacy and security. One of the panels,…
Sam Hill
May 11, 2016
Industry ViewsOpinions

Industry views: Facebook’s chatbot launch

Last week Facebook announced the launch of its bot platform for Messenger, opening up an API to allow developers to create bots so that people chat with organisations to get information, answer questions and transact. This means that by combining AI and natural language processing, users will simply instruct messenger…
April 21, 2016
MEF AsiaOpinions

China’s perfect mobile storm

With the inaugural MEF Connects China only a few weeks away, Rimma Perelmuter, CEO at MEF, takes a look at the staggering growth of the country’s unique mobile industry. As a mobile market, China has grown rapidly to establish itself as a global mobile industry leader with a sophisticated mobile…
Rimma Perelmuter
April 19, 2016

Want to talk to a brand? There’s a bot for that

Facebook wants to replace apps, call centres and maybe even websites with chat bots. Tim Green wonders if this is a new era for the internet – and if it’s a good idea for one company to own it… This week the manager of Southampton football club confirmed he sends…
Tim Green
April 14, 2016
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The future of mobile messaging is doomed (again)

Greg Brophy, MD of MEF Member iTouch Messaging Services discusses the future of mobile messaging services, concluding that with an innovative approach, there's still plenty of life left in the humble SMS. The future of mobile messaging is doomed! A bold statement that reaches our shores every single year without…
Sam Hill
March 31, 2016