Top 5 programmatic advertising tips for marketers

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Aurimas Paulius Girčys, from MEF Member Eskimi shares his top tips for digital marketers to take advantage of programmatic techniques into real-world marketing strategies.

Programmatic is this trendy topic, that every digital marketing conference tries to cover. But when we step out of conference presentations into the real world, there is a challenge that Programmatic advertising currently faces.

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2017 in mobile: What was supposed to happen – but didn’t

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The last 12 months in mobile has been amazing. But never mind that. What about the stuff that flopped? Here, Tim Green presents a round-up of all the products we didn’t buy, tech we didn’t adopt and deals that didn’t materialise.

2016 saw the second coming of VR. All the big headsets launched, and there was that picture of Mark Zuckerberg at MWC marching past hundreds of be-goggled press conference attendees. VR was the future. Then 2017 happened. The hangover. The top headsets cut their prices, but still the only buyers were hardcore gamers. Some projects got cancelled: Intel’s Project Alloy and a standalone HTC Daydream.

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What’s in store for the mobile ecosystem in 2018?

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It has been another eventful year in mobile, with innovations in smartphone and associated technologies continuing apace, from the explosion in AI chatbots and the rapid proliferation of smart, connected home devices to the continued digital transformation of the fintech sector.

MEF Members did a pretty good job of spotting the trends that would shape the mobile landscape in 2017, and we continue to see the impact and development of many of those technologies.

But what innovations will 2018 bring? Once again, we asked MEF members to give us their thoughts on the tech trends for the year ahead…

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It’s time for Mobile Network Operators to take their piece of the mobile advertising pie

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Fred Martinent, Product Marketing Director at Gemalto envisions how mobile operator marketeers can take advantage of impending regulatory changes and the opportunities they will present to boost revenues from digital advertising – and how to convince management of your winning strategy.

Buzz…buzz…buzz…the shrill noise of your alarm clock wakes you with a jolt. You haphazardly reach over to press the snooze button but then you remember that today is D-Day.

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Industry views: New mobile tech and trends

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Recent hardware releases from some of the most influential players in the mobile ecosystem have introduced the latest wave of mobile and IoT technology with some eye catching features focusing on privacy, security and new ways for consumer’s to use their phones.

Google unveiled their 2nd generation of Pixel phones as well as a host of smart home hardware and peripherals just weeks after Apple’s annual event where they showed off the iPhone 8 and iPhone X and a new sim-ready watch. There was also a major hardware push from Amazon with a newly updated range of connected smart-home accessories.

We asked MEF Members for their thoughts on the new hardware and strategies – here’s what they said.

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That Google HTC deal: Seven big questions answered

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Why has Google bought HTC when it only just sold Motorola? Does it make money from hardware now? What happened to ads and search? And whatever will Samsung think? Tim Green chews over some of these questions following the week’s big M&A news…

By now, you’ll have heard the news. Google just bought Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran. It acquired Hipster Troll Carwash. It purchased Hold This Cat.

Confused? Then you don’t remember HTC’s 2013 marketing campaign featuring a (very expensively hired) Robert Downey Jr. The ads addressed the fact that no one knew what HTC stood for and had some fun with it.

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Really nearly? The augmented reality era could start next week

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Insiders say the new iPhone will make a big feature of augmented reality. So, a decade after the tech first emerged, is this really the start the AR age? Tim Green offers his thoughts…

Ten years ago I got my first glimpse of augmented reality. An Austrian company, Wikitude, demonstrated how it could map graphics on to real world landscapes just by pointing a camera phone at them.
Wow, I thought. I told everyone I knew: this stuff will change the world.

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Scan do: The rise and fall and (possible) rise of QR codes

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For a decade, the QR code was the ‘nearly’ tech. But then WeChat came along. Chinese consumers re-invented the QR code for making payments. Now, the world’s ‘EMV’ card giants have made a big commitment to the tech, as Tim Green explains…

Back in the days when I was pretending to be the editor of a B2B mobile publication, I would constantly fight to preserve my scepticism. It wasn’t always easy. In business, you meet very good sales people. It’s their job to overcome your diffidence. And they frequently do…

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Apple, the FT and the death of iPad digital editions

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Last week, the FT ended its six year spat with Apple and put a native app back inside iTunes. So is that the end of web apps, and a victory for Apple? Not at all, says Tim Green…

Six years ago, the FT fell out with Apple. Its app was pulled from iTunes, and the FT pledged its future to HTML5 web apps instead.

“We have launched a new, faster, more complete app for the iPad and iPhone which is available via your browser rather than from an app store,” it said.

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Amazon thinks there are not enough messaging apps in the world. Why?

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Amazon is launching a messaging app. Or so the rumours say. So why would the world’s ‘spoiled for choice’ consumers go shopping at Amazon for a chat app? Tim Green has a think…

Last month, news surfaced that Amazon might be developing its own messaging app called Anytime.
Why ‘might be”? Because the story was based on a survey Amazon had sent to some customers asking if they would be interested in this hypothetical product.

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