Really nearly? The augmented reality era could start next week

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Insiders say the new iPhone will make a big feature of augmented reality. So, a decade after the tech first emerged, is this really the start the AR age? Tim Green offers his thoughts…

Ten years ago I got my first glimpse of augmented reality. An Austrian company, Wikitude, demonstrated how it could map graphics on to real world landscapes just by pointing a camera phone at them.
Wow, I thought. I told everyone I knew: this stuff will change the world.

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Scan do: The rise and fall and (possible) rise of QR codes

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For a decade, the QR code was the ‘nearly’ tech. But then WeChat came along. Chinese consumers re-invented the QR code for making payments. Now, the world’s ‘EMV’ card giants have made a big commitment to the tech, as Tim Green explains…

Back in the days when I was pretending to be the editor of a B2B mobile publication, I would constantly fight to preserve my scepticism. It wasn’t always easy. In business, you meet very good sales people. It’s their job to overcome your diffidence. And they frequently do…

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Apple, the FT and the death of iPad digital editions

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Last week, the FT ended its six year spat with Apple and put a native app back inside iTunes. So is that the end of web apps, and a victory for Apple? Not at all, says Tim Green…

Six years ago, the FT fell out with Apple. Its app was pulled from iTunes, and the FT pledged its future to HTML5 web apps instead.

“We have launched a new, faster, more complete app for the iPad and iPhone which is available via your browser rather than from an app store,” it said.

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Amazon thinks there are not enough messaging apps in the world. Why?

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Amazon is launching a messaging app. Or so the rumours say. So why would the world’s ‘spoiled for choice’ consumers go shopping at Amazon for a chat app? Tim Green has a think…

Last month, news surfaced that Amazon might be developing its own messaging app called Anytime.
Why ‘might be”? Because the story was based on a survey Amazon had sent to some customers asking if they would be interested in this hypothetical product.

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Chat app wars: Apple turned iMessage into a business platform

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You probably read about Apple’s new augmented reality platform and its HomePod music speaker. You may know less about Business Chat. But Apple’s move to open up iMessage for customer care and shopping is a pretty big deal, says Tim Green…

As many MEF members know, messaging is right at the heart of the future of mobile. It’s what users spend most of their time doing. And thanks to the growing richness of the medium, people can do much more than just chat inside a messaging app. They can see pictures, share video, click on links, access maps.

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A view from Money 20/20: the 50 year battle to rid banking of humans

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Last week’s fintech expo placed the emphasis on apps, AI, APIs and VR. They all point to one thing,, says Tim Green, we don’t want people to get in the way of our financial services…

There were a lot of human beings at Money 20/20 last week. The expo that showcases the banking of tomorrow brought together at least 1,000 of these humanoids. Some of them were even female.

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Money 2020: are banks finally ready to get personal?

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Could accessing your banking info ever be as easy as opening up a Google Map? Ahead of a MEF-sponsored panel on the personal data economy at Money 2020, Tim Green looks into the drive towards open banking APIs…

Next week, the world’s financial futurologists head to Copenhagen for Money 2020. It’s the big talking shop for next-gen banking. And MEF will be there. We’ll be hosting a panel session on the personal data economy. It should be good. I’ll be moderating the event, and I know from talking to many banking execs over the last year or two that awareness of the ‘internet of me’ concept is pretty low.

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Did you hear? Apple Pay just became a bank account (sort of)

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What is going on with Apple Pay? Last week, Apple revealed a new virtual card for storing funds received from other users. So what is this? A bank account? A gift certificate? A loyalty card? Tim Green ponders what the move means for Apple, for users and for competitors…

Ever since Tim Cook first unveiled Apple Pay, the finance world has obsessed over this question:

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SS7 Vulnerability underlines need for new financial-telco collaboration

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Recent hacking attacks have brought the vulnerabilities of global telephony protocols to the fore. Stephane Groud, Product Director at MEF Member Myriad Connect discusses an apparent spike in cybercrime, and what banks and networks need to do to counter it.

The security world is looking at vulnerabilities in Signaling System 7 (SS7), with financial institutions and telcos alike expressing concern that mobile banking is increasingly vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters.

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Could the next version of Android be… not Android?

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When Google bought Android in 2005, there were no iPhones, tablets, smartwatches or voice assistants. So it kept tweaking the OS to keep up with the changing market. Now, the strain is showing. Tech insiders think something new is coming soon. Is Fuchsia it? Tim Green looked deeper.

Has Google just revealed the future of Android?

Tech circles were buzzing last week when a site called revealed some pics of a new UI, which Google calls Armadillo, for an entirely new Google OS – aka Fuchsia.

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