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Enterprise CommunicationsMWC18

Member interview – MMD Smart

MEFTV speaks to Ira Cohen, VP of Marketing & Business Development at MMD Smart during MWC 2018, where he talks about their new platform Message Whiz and the future of enterprise messaging. “There are verticals that will use other means rather than mobile to communicate with their customers.. there are…
Sam Hill
May 2, 2018

Member interview – Vas2Nets

MEFTV talks to Teni Stuffman, Business Development Director for VAS2Nets during MWC 2018, where she shares some background to the company, insights into doing business in Africa and outlines some of their key projects and initiatives. “Africa is very unique in its own way, we are very tech compliant –…
Sam Hill
April 9, 2018

Member Interview : zeotap

MEFTV speaks to Florian Lichtwald, SVP Global Telecom & Data Partnerships at zeotap during MWC 2018 who discusses the background to their business and shares in depth insights into how companies can maximise the reach of their data while ensuring security and privacy standards are maintained. “The digital advertising industry…
Sam Hill
April 5, 2018

Member interview – Syntonic

MEFTV speaks to Gary Greenbaum CEO & co-founder, and Rahul Agarwal, CTO & co-founder during MWC 2018, where they explain the background of Syntonic and how their business and the ecosystem is evolving for MNO’s and content service providers. Greenbaum, referring to the Syntonic & MEF panel held earlier that…
Sam Hill
March 26, 2018