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Venmo: turning IOU into ‘how are you?’

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US-based Venmo is a surprising thing: a social messaging app based around payments. Actually, says Venmo’s head of product Ben Mills, it’s not surprising at all. It was designed that way.

MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green caught up with Mills to discuss how the company has combined payments, messaging and social media to build its billion-dollar business model.

In the US everyone knows about Venmo. In a country that still likes to use cheques, this person-to-person payments app offers a glimpse of the future. Venmo lets people send money to each other instantly.

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Raising the flag on card fraud with mobile messaging

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US company FICO, has been combating financial fraud for 60 years using sophisticated AI, credit scoring and analytics. Today it protects 2.5 billion card accounts, and nearly two-thirds of all credit card transactions. A key part of its service uses SMS to help prevent fraud at the point of sale.

Gabriel Hopkins, senior director of product management at FICO recently spoke to MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green, for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide to discuss the central role of messaging in combating card fraud.

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Nudging children to better marks – with a text to parents

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Raj Chande, senior advisor at the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team recently implemented a landmark trial to explore the use of messaging in education. MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green caught up with Raj to discuss the results, for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide. Here’s the full story …

What’s the best way to improve children’s school grades? Obvious answers might include iPads for every pupil. Or new buildings. Or after-school classes.

But what about a simple text to parents? A less obvious tactic perhaps, and certainly a cheaper one. But in a landmark trial in English schools, the experiment improved the average student’s progress by a month.

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Mobile industry collaborates to tackle messaging fraud

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Today MEF is launching its Enterprise Messaging Guide an essential companion to any brand or business that uses, or is considering using mobile messaging as part of its customer outreach, be that for marketing, authentication or notification purposes.

Developed by MEF’s 30+ strong group of participants in its Future of Messaging Programme, including global messaging suppliers, mobile operators, signalling equipment providers and others in the enterprise messaging ecosystem, The Enterprise Messaging Guide can be downloaded here for free.

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All hail text messaging, the people’s choice of media and pizza chefs

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Email, voice, fax, postcards. Mobile messaging has battered them all. Now, it’s even teaching Tim Green Spanish. To mark the publication of MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide, he celebrates the world’s favourite medium…

Buenos dias lectores. Como estan?

Yes, I am learning Spanish. And I am getting lots of help from my new friends Chef Roberto (the legendary pizza maker) and Renée the driver.

They are very patient with me, and happy to talk at my rudimentary level.

Oh, and I should add: they are not human. They are bots.

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Unlocking the potential of conversational commerce

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Mobile consumers don’t book out chunks of time to interact with the mobile web, apps or services. Rather they go online in response to a need that is felt in the moment.

It follows that reducing friction (the time taken to do things via mobile) is a key driver of mobile tech innovation. Consumers want to ‘get their faster’.

iTunes got consumers to music quicker than going to the store. Netflix beat Blockbuster by sidestepping the need for customers to walk to the video shop. eBay triumphed largely because PayPal made it easy to buy in one click. The list goes on.

The same goes for any kind of brand interaction: checking product details, making a complaint, finding directions etc. Reducing time spent on these tasks to the bare minimum is considered a good thing.

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Industry views: is mobile spam and SMiShing trashing consumer trust?

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MEF’s Mobile Messaging Fraud Report 2016 reveals the extent to which spam and phishing (SMiShing) across chat apps and SMS are pestering consumers around the world.

26 per cent of chat app users get an unsolicited message every day, while 49 per cent receive at least one a week. With SMS its 28 per cent every day with 58 per cent receiving one a week.

And while SMS is still the most trusted messaging channel, 33 per cent indicated that they had received a SMiShing message aimed at tricking them in to divulging personal data such as bank details or passwords for online services.

We asked MEF members and the wider mobile community for their thoughts.

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14 stats that explore the growth of A2P messaging

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The latest issue of MEF’s eBulletin is out today and turns the spotlight on mobile messaging taking an in-depth look at the issues, news and market drivers shaping the enterprise messaging space including analysis on revenue leakage, global market forecasts, conversational commerce and how being consumer-centric boosts engagement.

Businesses are increasingly turning to enterprise messaging as a key platform for engaging consumers. Impressive open rates for marketing messages are well cited. But beyond this areas such as authentication and notification in sectors like banking and healthcare as well as relationship building for brands and retailers are driving the messaging ecosystem forward.

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Facebook Local Awareness Adverts – Not quite closing the loop!

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Gillian Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Veoo discusses how the shift to digital shopping habits, long hailed as the beginning of the end for the high street, may in fact be here to save it – and how innovative marketers can do much more to help.

I remember a time in the not too distant past when the popular rhetoric amongst not only the retail press but also some of our national titles, was that digital innovation…

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