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The impact of RCS on SMS

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Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst at Mobilesquared discusses the findings of a recent study that analyses insights into 69 mobile operators and shares his views on the impact of Rich Communications Services (RCS).

The GSMA paints a bright future for Rich Communication Services (RCS), forecasting that it could be worth $74 billion by 2021, and believes that ultimately, RCS will replace SMS altogether.

RCS will provide a secure ecosystem in which messages can be sent without the threat of grey route traffic undermining pricing models and disintermediating the mobile operators, which has blighted the A2P SMS space.

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How Text Messaging Bridges the Empathy Gap

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Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist at OpenMarket, discusses how enterprises are harnessing ’empathy’ to deliver a uniquely tailored and exceptional customer experience for their users, as explored in depth in their new eBook, the Empathetic Interaction.

Take a moment to think about the last communication you had with a friend, colleague, family member, or business. While many of our minds will wander to the last face-to-face interaction we experienced, that probably isn’t the case.

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Identity fraud is everywhere: here’s how to improve market fraud scoring systems

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Stéphanie Viriot from MEF Member Gemalto examines a specific form of fraud – SIM card swap – where fraudsters can hijack a users phone by assuming their identity in interactions with their mobile network operator.

A particular type of fraud has emerged in various countries. In markets where prepaid subscriber rates are high and SMS OTP mechanism is still heavily used by banks and service providers; criminals seized on vulnerabilities in existing processes to renew a subscription via SIM card swap.

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Building Trust in Enterprise Messaging

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MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme today announced the roadmap for Phase 2 of the industry initiative to shape the future of enterprise messaging.

Companies from 20+ countries participate in the programme
Self-regulation to define best practices, drive innovation and increase trust in enterprise messaging
Industry consultation opens for the Enterprise Messaging Code of Conduct

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Industry Views: the persistence of fraud in enterprise messaging

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While SMS continues to evolve technically and grow in volume as brands and enterprises increasingly use mobile messaging for authentication, customer engagement and marketing, it is at risk of being undermined by rogue players finding new loopholes to exploit.

MEF’s recent Enterprise Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework was produced by a cross-sector messaging working group from the Future of Messaging Programme. The Framework looks in depth at the issues of identity & data theft, network manipulation and commercial exploitation of enterprise messaging. The guide details 13 fraud types, and offers practical information on how to identify and deal with them.

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Enterprise Messaging Fraud Framework 2.0: what is SMS Phishing?

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Enterprise messaging fraud costs the industry an estimated $2 billion per anum and is a persistent threat to consumer trust. Ultimately it undermines the long-term sustainability of all players within the enterprise messaging ecosystem.

MEF’s recently published Enterprise Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework 2.0, developed by MEF’s cross-sector Working Group and part of the Future of Messaging Programme, identifies the 13 types fraud types that are affecting the messaging ecosystem and the measures needed to tackle these sharp practices. This week, we take a look at SMS Phishing.

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How can AI be of assistance? Messaging bots and banking

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After years of self-service digital banking, the personal assistant is making a comeback. But this time the helpful agent is a bot.

Kiki Del Valle, Sr VP for Commerce for Every Device at Mastercard, talks to MEF Minute’s Tim Green about a revolution in financial management for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide.

For decades consumer banking worked the same way. Account holders would walk into a building and tell cashiers what they wanted. On the plus side, it was nice to talk to a human. On the minus side, it could be a huge time killer. So many hours spent travelling to the branch, queuing at the branch and waiting for the instructions to actually take effect.

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Fraud in the enterprise mobile messaging industry continues to challenge market growth

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Fraud is a persistent threat to both trust and the sustainability of the enterprise mobile messaging ecosystem which is why the industry is coming together to raise awareness and find solutions.

MEF has today published an update to its Enterprise Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework which helps identify the fraud types affecting all stakeholders in the enterprise mobile messaging value chain, also known as A2P or “Application to Person” messaging, and the measures needed to tackle sharp practices.

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The power of the mobile network

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The operator SIM is a treasure trove of information about a subscriber. Now, Telefonica is using this insight to make messaging even smarter.

MEF Minute features editor, Tim Green talked to James Lasbrey, global head of messaging at Telefónica and others about how the leading mobile operator is making use of the data that it’s sitting on for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide.

A mobile operator knows a lot about its customers just by analysing their behaviour on the network. Some of this is obvious – location, browsing habits and so on. But it’s been revealed that operators can even tell when people are bored. In 2015, researchers at Telefonica developed an algorithm to reveal boredom.

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An OTT that’s just for me, Layer’s Ron Palmeri on apps and messaging

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What if every brand could have their own in-app messaging channel rather than rely on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Ron Palmeri, CEO of Layer says they can. He talked to MEF Minute features editor, Tim Green, about how messaging can be a part of any given app for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide.

In the last few years, it’s become very easy for developers to build previously complex services into their apps with a few lines of code. Payments? Don’t worry about all those issuers and processors. Just use Stripe. Location? Just add the Google Maps API. But what about group messaging?

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