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Monumental days in app store gaming lead to record-shattering year

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2016 was a huge year for mobile games and app stores that saw download and revenue figures hit record breaking numbers. Josh Spoelstra from MEF member Bango takes us through the highlights of landmark year for the apps ecosystem.

It’s no stretch to declare 2016 as the most significant year for the app stores since their launch nearly 10 years ago. Nintendo finally dipped its toes into the ocean of mobile apps, both indirectly through Niantic’s Pokémon Go and through the mobile debut of everyone’s favourite Italian plumber in Super Mario Run, developed by Nintendo themselves

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Pokémon Go and financial gamification

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People can’t stop talking about Pokémon GO! Here MEF Member and mobile payments facilitator Novatti take inspiration from the phenomenon and reflect on the possibilities of gamification of the mobile financial services sector…

If you are yet to hear about or encounter Pokémon GO by now, you must truly be living in a cave somewhere or the technological equivalent of one. But worry not, we are here to shed some light on the subject, hopefully leaving you well informed.

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Industry views: mobile games outlook 2016

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Mobile Games remains the biggest single sector in our ecosystem when it comes to consumption and monetization. 2015 was another growth year from Nintendo’s dramatic entry into the market to Activision’s purchase of King.
Looking forward, the arrival of new technology such as smartwatches and VR, has begun to reshape the mobile games landscape along with free to play business models continuing to evolve and support new market entrants.

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