14 stats that explore the growth of A2P messaging

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The latest issue of MEF’s eBulletin is out today and turns the spotlight on mobile messaging taking an in-depth look at the issues, news and market drivers shaping the enterprise messaging space including analysis on revenue leakage, global market forecasts, conversational commerce and how being consumer-centric boosts engagement.

Businesses are increasingly turning to enterprise messaging as a key platform for engaging consumers. Impressive open rates for marketing messages are well cited. But beyond this areas such as authentication and notification in sectors like banking and healthcare as well as relationship building for brands and retailers are driving the messaging ecosystem forward.

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Thoughts on the NIST proposals on 2FA – part 2

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In part one of this post, Rob Malcom of Mblox & CLX, explored the recent draft NIST guidelines on digital authentication that suggested the depreciation of SMS based 2-factor authentication (2FA). Here, he sets out his recommendations for businesses, carriers and consumers and his conclusions on the NIST proposals.

NIST outlines two primary concerns, one being very specific to virtual numbers (i.e. numbers not associated with a physical device, such as VOIP or numbers linked to an app), or a physical number that has been configured to be received via an IP service. This includes numbers such as those provided by Skype, or even accessible on iMessage via your desktop.

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Thoughts on the NIST proposals on 2FA

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Recent draft NIST guidelines on digital authentication suggested the depreciation of SMS based 2-factor authentication (2FA). Here Rob Malcom of Mblox & CLX, takes a deep dive into what the proposals mean, and how they may cause 72% of Americans to fail to adopt 2FA at all.

I went on vacation a few weeks ago and returned to a world seemingly in panic over the draft NIST Guidelines on Digital Authentication and its deprecation of SMS for use in 2-factor authentication. After reading countless articles I was disappointed at the apparent media frenzy with their circular reasoning and lack of fundamental research required to outline the true risks and implications of this proposal to businesses and consumers.

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The A2P opportunity from grey routes to goldmines

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Grey route messaging is a huge problem for the A2P industry – costing it nearly $18 billion in 2016 alone. Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst at mobilesquared discusses how the industry can work to realise its true potential.

A2P messaging represents a massive opportunity, but right now it has the aura of an industry that is gold-plated as opposed to pure gold. If you sliced open the marketplace today it would be filled with grey.

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Facebook Local Awareness Adverts – Not quite closing the loop!

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Gillian Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Veoo discusses how the shift to digital shopping habits, long hailed as the beginning of the end for the high street, may in fact be here to save it – and how innovative marketers can do much more to help.

I remember a time in the not too distant past when the popular rhetoric amongst not only the retail press but also some of our national titles, was that digital innovation…

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Spotlight on: Hiya

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The best way to fight back against phishing is to help people to know they are being phished. So says Stanley Kim, general manager of communications experience at Hiya. He talked to MEF about the power of ‘caller ID’ to combat phone spam…

Last summer, a study revealed that email spam is at an all time low. It’s still a big problem – 49.7 per cent emails sent are junk. But that’s the lowest percentage in over a decade.

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The cost of fraud in the A2P SMS ecosystem, a back-of-the-envelope calculation

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Fraud costs businesses and consumers money – but the size of the loss is often hard to quantify. As MEF launches a new Messaging Initative, Rob Malcolm, SVP of Corporate Development at Mblox, one of the 25 programme founders, explores what fraudulent activity is really costing the A2P SMS ecosystem…

Fraud is headlines news…why, because it costs businesses and consumers money, lots and lots of money. Though fraud is not rampant in the A2P SMS ecosystem it does exist and in this article we explain where it occurs and hypothesize what it costs. Before diving into the back-of-the-envelope calculation, we first have to understand the market size and the types of fraud that exist in the A2P SMS ecosystem.

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