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What gives? Charities get smart with text

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SMS has been a big boost to charitable giving. Now, says Cancer Research product manager, Lisa Elkins-Jarrett, new tools are making it even more effective.

It’s no exaggeration to say that SMS has transformed the charity sector. Most people want to give, but some can be reluctant to engage directly with charities for fear of a ‘hard sell’. Text bypasses this. It’s straightforward and immediate. Read rates average at around 95 per cent.

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MRI machine

Chill! SMS provides a cool machine fix

By | Featured Post, Messaging

Philips Healthcare manufactures, manages and maintains expensive and sophisticated IT machines for the healthcare sector all over the world. And when their machines break down, repair is usually complex, requiring skilled engineers, and above all very costly.

Far better then to implement early warning systems that detect and forecast impending machine failure and notify an engineer that something is wrong?

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OpenMarket’s Steve French: RCS can super-charge enterprise messaging

By | Featured Post, Messaging

RCS is the next generation of SMS, a platform that can bring OTT-style features to the standard messaging app on Android devices. But it’s not just for person-to-person chat, says Steve French of OpenMarket, recently announced as an official partner of Google’s early access program.

In the MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide, Virgin Trains talked about the power of a simple text message to transform the travel experience of vulnerable passengers at Euston station in the UK.

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And now for this message…how Facebook can make money from Messenger

By | Featured Post, Messaging, Opinion

It’s official: Facebook is testing ads for Facebook Messenger. What does the move mean for the app’s one billion users? Tim Green, MEF features editor, looks behind the headlines…

A modest blog post by Facebook earlier this year pointed to a potentially significant moment for the social network.

The company revealed it is to conduct a small test in Australia and Thailand ‘that gives businesses the opportunity to place ads on the Messenger home screen’.

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Raising the flag on card fraud with mobile messaging

By | Featured Post, Messaging, mobile messaging

US company FICO, has been combating financial fraud for 60 years using sophisticated AI, credit scoring and analytics. Today it protects 2.5 billion card accounts, and nearly two-thirds of all credit card transactions. A key part of its service uses SMS to help prevent fraud at the point of sale.

Gabriel Hopkins, senior director of product management at FICO recently spoke to MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green, for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide to discuss the central role of messaging in combating card fraud.

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virgin trains

How Virgin Trains keeps its customers calm with mobile messaging

By | Featured Post, Messaging

Virgin Trains uses simple text alerts to reduce passenger surge at one of Britain’s busiest stations. Steve Gooder, head of digital technology at Virgin Trains, recently spoke to MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green to explain how, for MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide which can be downloaded here for free.

The 7pm London to Glasgow Virgin train is popular to put it mildly. This is an extremely in-demand service at all times, but at 7pm the price drops. Inevitably, demand soars.

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Enterprise messaging: Integrate expectations

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post, Messaging

Adding a mobile messaging function to enterprise systems is a must for businesseses.

Mike Willock, VP for EMEA Sales, SAP Mobile Services recently spoke to MEF’s Tim Green about the benefits of adding messaging to enterprise communications for MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide which can be downloaded here for free…

For any enterprise embracing digital to reach customers, mobile and messaging is a key component and enabler. It’s why enterprise software giant SAP bought Sybase 365 (now SAP Mobile Services). The acquisition opened up new, broader messaging and integration opportunities with existing products and as standalone solutions.

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Internet security

Two factor authentication: Is that really you?

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post, Messaging, Opinion

Despite recent scare stories, SMS pass codes remain the safest form of two-factor authentication.

Rob Malcolm, VP of marketing and online sales at CLX recently spoke to MEF’s Tim Green about the issues and benefits of two-factor authentication for its Future of Messaging Guide which can be downloaded here for free.

For years, two-factor authentication (2FA) was regarded as an essential weapon in the fight against online fraud. Again and again, criminals easily bypassed passwords and PINs. Far safer then to have users enter proof that they own the device registered to the service – like a smartphone.

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Executive using Blackberry PDA smart phone.

Gemalto: Customer acquisition – a new business model for A2P messaging

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post, Messaging

Gemalto’s Sherry Zameer has an intriguing idea: what if enterprises paid for A2P messages based on the value they deliver, rather than merely the volume of texts?

But what has this to do with mobile messaging? Well, Zameer believes it’s inevitable that this instinct for commerce will go digital – and that messaging could be the key to making it work. Not just in Nigeria, but all of Africa.

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FOM slider

All hail text messaging, the people’s choice of media and pizza chefs

By | Messaging, mobile messaging, Opinion

Email, voice, fax, postcards. Mobile messaging has battered them all. Now, it’s even teaching Tim Green Spanish. To mark the publication of MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide, he celebrates the world’s favourite medium…

Buenos dias lectores. Como estan?

Yes, I am learning Spanish. And I am getting lots of help from my new friends Chef Roberto (the legendary pizza maker) and Renée the driver.

They are very patient with me, and happy to talk at my rudimentary level.

Oh, and I should add: they are not human. They are bots.

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