Google talks RCS: the commercials, the numbers, the vision

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Why is Google supporting RCS? What progress has it made so far? And how is it working with aggregators to power RCS business messaging? Last week, the company outlined its mission to MEF members. Here are the highlights…

“RCS is real. It’s happening.”

That was how Todd Parker, head of business development for carrier messaging at Google, opened up his review of the messaging format at the MEF Connects Digital webinar last week.

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Interview: ITW Global Leaders’ Forum on tackling fraud

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MEF’s fight against messaging fraud has been welcomed by the management organisation for the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum. Why? Because it’s waging a similar war on voice scams. Here, Jussi Makela, Director of the GLF, talks about the two programmes, and how GLF and MEF are working together.

People hate premium voice line fraud.

For obvious reasons. Carriers hate voice fraud too. It causes horrible PR damage. Oh, and it costs around $17bn a year. That’s why, in March 2018, the international wholesale voice community decided to do something about it.

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Industry views: Why does the A2P SMS industry need a Code of Conduct for fraud?

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MEF recently launched it’s new Trust in Enterprise Messaging (TEM) service backed by an industry Code of Conduct for A2P (Applications to Person) SMS in collaboration with 30+ participants of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme, that includes MNOs, messaging companies and signalling providers.

The new service is self-regulatory – its goal, to accelerate market clean-up and educate enterprise messaging solution buyers about the threats of fraudulent practices and poor procurement processes.

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Industry collaborates to tackle SMS fraud, MEF launches Trust in Enterprise Messaging

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Fraudsters are damaging the trust of both enterprises and consumers and pushing them away from the world’s most ubiquitous communications channel: SMS.

To mitigate this risk and protect consumers from harm, industry leaders have been collaborating to combat fraud which is estimated to cost the enterprise messaging ecosystem US$ 7.7bn annually in lost revenue.

Today MEF has launched the Trust in Enterprise Messaging (TEM) service backed by an industry Code of Conduct for A2P (Applications to Person) SMS.

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A Guide to GDPR & Enterprise Messaging

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The GDPR special edition of MEF’s eBulletin series, supported by CLX Communications, highlights the perspectives of the diverse MEF membership and experts on their path to preparing for GDPR compliance.

Here, Rob Malcolm VP of Marketing and Online Sales at CLX Communications discusses GDPR’s impact on the Enterprise messaging space, and highlights aspects of the new regulation businesses should prepare for. Download the eBulletin for more unique articles and insights now.

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The race to automate customer experiences across rich media messaging channels

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Alex Klose, VP of Marketing at IMImobile, looks at the opportunity for enterprises to differentiate customer experience by combining new rich-media messaging channels such as RCS (Rich Communication Services) with customer journey automation platforms.

There is no doubt that consumers have a huge desire for messaging-based experiences. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer to reach brands, or be reached by brands through messaging apps, and two-thirds expect to increase their engagement with businesses via messaging channels over the next two years.

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Why You Should Care About RCS Business Messaging – mGAGE

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Nick Millward, VP of Commercial & Product explores the use cases of Rich Communications Services (RCS) and how they will provide advanced messaging for consumers across a variety of types of service.

At the recent Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018, one of the hottest trends was RCS (Rich Communication Services) business messaging. Google announced at the show that more than 50 global carriers in 40 countries now support RCS – a significant step forward in terms of industry acceptance, with another 50 carriers expected to launch RCS before the end of the year.

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Enterprise Messaging and GDPR: your questions answered

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During last month’s MEF Connects Digital on the impact of GDPR on enterprise messaging, the expert panel were inundated with questions from the messaging community on this.

Here then, one of session experts, Lee Suker, Market Development Director and Data Protection Officer at XConnect has kindly taken the time to give his views on the questions not covered in the session. Both the questions & answers show the complexity of this topic and the importance of being ready for the forthcoming regulation.

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Member interview – R&D Communication

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MEFTV speaks to Daniele Poiero, Founder and CEO of R&D Communication about their business and some of the challenges facing the growth of the A2P SMS market.

“If we talk about barriers – regulation which is somehow lacking.. or not well controlled in some countries around the world by local governments – the industry is affected.. the consequence is the birth and growing of illegal rogues that are quite an issue for the companies that try to work properly within the business..”

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MEF Members at Messaging & SMS World: Ubiquity

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MEFTV spoke with Daniele Mensi, CEO & VP Growth of MEF Member and Future of Messaging Programme participant Ubiquity, during the recent Messaging & SMS World in London.

Here he outlines how A2P SMS is moving from a customer to user-centric vision, and discusses how players like Ubiquity should drive change for enterprises and SMEs to be confident in being more multi-channel driven, as consumer demand will continue to grow in the coming years.

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