MEF Members at Messaging & SMS World: Ubiquity

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MEFTV spoke with Daniele Mensi, CEO & VP Growth of MEF Member and Future of Messaging Programme participant Ubiquity, during the recent Messaging & SMS World in London.

Here he outlines how A2P SMS is moving from a customer to user-centric vision, and discusses how players like Ubiquity should drive change for enterprises and SMEs to be confident in being more multi-channel driven, as consumer demand will continue to grow in the coming years.

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MEF members at AfricaCom – iTouch on a uniquely African form of rich messaging (and it’s not RCS)…

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Messaging specialist iTouch has introduced its own unique messaging platform called MEMS. The idea? To give mobile users a rich media platform that doesn’t demand a smartphone and a data bundle… How can an African insurance company be sure a new customer has seen and read its policy? The post can be unreliable. Email is hardly ubiquitous. Perhaps the answer is mobile.

iTouch thinks so. The Cape Town based company has launched its own messaging platform called MEMS. The solution can support rich media, provide read receipts and more. Yet it runs on the SMS bearer, so it’s accessible to even basic feature phones.

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Messaging & SMS World: MEF members discuss the future of A2P messaging

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MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme is formed of a collaborative, cross ecosystem group of companies championing innovation and tackling fraud in enterprise messaging. MEFTV caught up with some of the programme participants during Messaging & SMS World in London last month to find out how they see the A2P messaging space developing in the next few years.

The discussion on the show floor was dominated by the future role of Rich Communications Services (RCS). Will it displace SMS entirely or is it just another technology?

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How RealNetworks’ Kontxt aims to reinvigorate A2P messaging

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A2P messaging is on the up. It could grow even faster if the market could classify traffic and introduce tiered pricing. But how? In this exclusive video, Max Pellegrini, president of mobile services at RealNetworks, explains one approach…

Imagine if there was only one price for a plane ticket. Everything the same, no matter the leg room, the entertainment, the food, the boarding. It would be wasteful and inefficient for everyone. Passengers would wait around for longer. Airlines would miss out on a huge amount of revenue that customers would happily pay.

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SMS turns 25 years old – find out why it’s still going strong

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SMS is the most successful communications platform of all time, connecting billions of people worldwide. Now SMS is 25 years old, Chief Evangelist Oisin Lunny of MEF Member OpenMarket takes a look back at its origins, and the developments that have shaped its phenomenal success.

From presidents to philanthropists, the humble text message has helped connect billions of people worldwide. In the process it’s transformed our work and social lives, and saved countless lives.

SMS can trace its origins back to 1984, when Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert from the GSM Corporation first developed the concept of sending a short message (hence SMS – the short message service) to and from a mobile device. But it wasn’t until 1992, when the first text was sent, that we can say SMS was truly born.

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A2P messaging : RCS, Fraudulent Vendors and Data Security

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Waheed Adam, Chairman of iTouch Messaging, describes the challenges facing businesses using A2P SMS and the negative impact fraudulent messaging providers have on the industry, and the work being undertaken by MEF to educate the market.

SMS remains a reliable and accepted form of communication both by enterprise and consumer. Its position may have shifted when it comes to P2P communications, however it still remains number one when it comes to A2P messaging. A2P messaging is still growing on a global scale proving true that its use is still unlocking value in the market place.

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How Text Messaging Bridges the Empathy Gap

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Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist at OpenMarket, discusses how enterprises are harnessing ’empathy’ to deliver a uniquely tailored and exceptional customer experience for their users, as explored in depth in their new eBook, the Empathetic Interaction.

Take a moment to think about the last communication you had with a friend, colleague, family member, or business. While many of our minds will wander to the last face-to-face interaction we experienced, that probably isn’t the case.

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Building Trust in Enterprise Messaging

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MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme today announced the roadmap for Phase 2 of the industry initiative to shape the future of enterprise messaging.

Companies from 20+ countries participate in the programme
Self-regulation to define best practices, drive innovation and increase trust in enterprise messaging
Industry consultation opens for the Enterprise Messaging Code of Conduct

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Messaging fraud is threatening a $60bn enterprise

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MEF COO Joanne Lacey describes how fraudsters seeking to exploit a highly successful (and lucrative) enterprise messaging businesses could be costing an estimated $2bn annually, and what they can do to mitigate their losses while creating a more sustainable industry.

For businesses providing enterprise messaging as a service, revenues are not insignificant. At the end of 2016, mobile analyst firm, mobileSquared, estimated the market to be worth $17.2 billion and forecast a rise to $58.7 billion by the end of 2020.

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Amazon thinks there are not enough messaging apps in the world. Why?

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Amazon is launching a messaging app. Or so the rumours say. So why would the world’s ‘spoiled for choice’ consumers go shopping at Amazon for a chat app? Tim Green has a think…

Last month, news surfaced that Amazon might be developing its own messaging app called Anytime.
Why ‘might be”? Because the story was based on a survey Amazon had sent to some customers asking if they would be interested in this hypothetical product.

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