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MEF Connects Digital – new thinking on telco data and mobile advertising

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Mobile advertising is big. But it could be even bigger with the addition of more reliable data sets. Can MNOs provide them? In a MEF Connects Digital webinar, three experts shared their stories…

If it’s true that the world is undergoing a data revolution, then advertising is doing it first.

Over the last decade, the momentum in advertising has moved from offline to digital and from digital to mobile. In the process, it has gone programmatic.

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Google talks RCS: the commercials, the numbers, the vision

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Why is Google supporting RCS? What progress has it made so far? And how is it working with aggregators to power RCS business messaging? Last week, the company outlined its mission to MEF members. Here are the highlights…

“RCS is real. It’s happening.”

That was how Todd Parker, head of business development for carrier messaging at Google, opened up his review of the messaging format at the MEF Connects Digital webinar last week.

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MEF Connects Digital – what’s up with the blockchain?

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During the mid-nineties, consumers and investors discovered the idea of ‘interactivity’. Before long, companies started to add the word ‘interactive’ to their names. It was good for business. Soon after, they did it again with ‘dotcom’. Is there a equivalent magic word for the 2010s? How about blockchain?

Don’t scoff. It’s already happening. In December 2017, the Long Island Iced Tea Corp changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. It said the re-brand reflected its desire to partner with companies working on the decentralising tech.

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Enterprise Messaging and GDPR MEF Connects Digital: all the highlights

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GDPR is just weeks away. It will affect every enterprise with customers in Europe. And it will ask specific questions of the enterprise messaging community. In a CLX Communications & MEF Connects Digital, three experts wrestled those questions…

Is GDPR the best thing ever to happen to enterprise messaging?

The companies knee deep in compliance workshops, internal training schemes, cyber security consultations and contract reviews may not think so.

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10 take-ways from MEF Connects Digital – what’s next for African digital content?

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Africa stands on the brink of a digital content revolution. A vast mobile-first audience is ready to embrace affordable streaming services in huge quantities. Well, that’s the theory. It is feasible? Last week’s MEF Connects Digital webinar, supported by Content Connect Africa, convened five insiders to find out…

There are two ways to look at the African digital content market.

The first focuses on a continent of rising economic wealth with a youthful mobile-first population hungry for entertainment.

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10 take-ways from MEF Connects Digital – can PSD2 get authentication right?

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Can the PSD2 really deliver an explosion of fintech innovation? Possibly. But only if consumers trust the exciting new services. That puts authentication at the heart of the legislation. Last week’s MEF Connects Digital webinar took a closer look at the topic.
The Payment Services Directive 2 is here. And four communities are very excited about it.

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Consent-giving machines? GDPR gone global? 13 insights from the MEF Connects Digital panel…

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Last week, four experts reflected on the profound difficulty of ‘getting digital consent right’. And the huge upside when you do. Here are the highlights of the first MEF Connected Digital live video webinar…

Can a machine give consent? Why do consumers hate privacy policies so much? How can you present consent forms on a small mobile screen? Or no screen at all?

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