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MEF Connects Singapore – Event Roundup

MEF Asia recently hosted the ever-popular MEF Connects Singapore held during CommunicAsia where MEF members and business leaders from across the world met to share knowledge and do business. Here, General Manager for MEF Asia, Linda Ruck, shares the background to one of the most exciting mobile markets in the world,…
Sam Hill
July 17, 2014
Guest blogMEF Asia

Understanding the Malaysian Mobile Industry

The Malaysian mobile industry has grown rapidly in recent years with the advent of mobile technology and high broadband penetration that sees several major corporations involved in mobile networks and services. With a population of 30 million, mobile penetration in Malaysia has long surpassed the 100% mark and the Malaysian mobile market is…
Sam Hill
July 11, 2014
Guest blogMEF Asia

Ten Things you need to know about the Thai Mobile Market

Known for its creative Advertising approach, exceptional hospitality, amazing natural wonders and exotic (spicy) food; Thailand has also become a sizzling hot tech startup hub in Asia. A wide range of industry events such as Mobile Monday and WebMob take place regularly, and an expanding presence of Venture Capital funds,…
Sam Hill
October 24, 2013