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Indonesia: The world home of BBM

Indonesians, in common with other Asia Pac mobile users, really love chat apps. Indeed, an InMobi report from 2014 revealed that 97 per cent of mobile users in Indonesia access messaging apps multiple times a day. Surprisingly, perhaps, BlackBerry’s BBM remains their number one choice.
Tim Banks
January 20, 2016
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Value added services in Asia-Pacific: part 1

The mobile value added services market is pegged to grow to a value of more than $7oo billion worldwide by 2020, and its the Asia-Pacific region that is the largest and fastest growing global region. In this first part of two-part special insights article on VAS in the Asia-Pacific region,…
Tim Banks
January 15, 2016
MEF Asia

[Infographic] Digital youth in South East Asia

When you blend two trends - digital natives (kids) with mobile first markets - the result is a young demographic that is highly mobile literate and a strong indication of the mid-range future of mobile. This infographic from youth orientated marketing platform, SuperAwesome explores how these two super trends affect…
Tim Banks
January 14, 2016
MEF Asia

Infographic: the Indonesian start-up ecosystem

Indonesia is a mobile first country. With a huge domestic addressable market and 95 million smartphone users its no wonder that the home-grown innovation and technology startup scene is thriving. Despite a complex regulatory environment and some false dawns in terms of government support, established VCs are actively investing.
Tim Banks
December 29, 2015
m-commerceMEF Asia

Infographic: m-commerce in Southeast Asia

85 per cent of consumers in Southeast Asia are comfortable shopping on mobile devices. That's according to this recent research and infographic from e-commerce firm iprice. There are however some bumps in the road. 67 per cent of respondents listed a “better payment method” as the most important improvement to…
Tim Banks
December 8, 2015
MEF Asia

10 ways that mobile changed education forever

MEF member Mobiliya assess mobile's impact on education and examine how mobile technology is shaping the future of how we learn and share knowledge. It has become a norm to see barely-a-year-old toddlers stumble around with a smartphone in hand. With about 38% kids using tablets and smartphones even before they become 2…
Sam Hill
October 7, 2015
AnalyticsMEF Asia

The great data divide of Southeast Asia

MEF member Uteeni specialise in providing intelligent business directory services in SE Asia in an attempt to use mobile tech to re-define communication and commerce between people. Their work has shown that crucial business-related data is sorely lacking in the region, according to COO, Travis Kellerman. Southeast Asia demonstrates an…
Sam Hill
October 2, 2015