Ad blocker insights – the base, the growth and the reasons why

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Debate rages about the pros and cons of ad blocking. But it is certainly on the rise. According to a new report, 615 million devices now block ads – and more than half of them are mobile handsets. Here’s a re-cap of the arguments and the numbers…

Panel sessions at Mobile World Congress generally tend toward polite discussion of industry issues. But not all of them. One session in 2016 was so feisty it made headlines around the world.

The speakers represented Google, Nestlé, AOL and Yahoo, and the topic was ad-blockers. A fifth panellist, Roi Carthy, represented Shine, make of one of the world’s best known ad blocking platforms.

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Mobile coupons: is their redemption finally at hand?

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Apple Wallet is so underexposed, even converts still call it Passbook. But it’s a potentially brilliant channel for saving and redeeming retail coupons. Tim Green wonders if ‘save to Wallet’ is finally about to become a thing …

This week, British shoppers of a certain age were moved by the news that department store BHS was going bust. Moved but not surprised. BHS is to the fast-evolving retail market as Chicory Tip is to hip hop. It’s the shop of the year. And the year is 1972.

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Converting the world to mobile payments – one latte at a time

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It’s already insanely easy to pay for coffee. And that’s nowhere near good enough for the Valley. Tim Green marvels at the tech industry’s obsession with this non-problem…

Remember when coffee was a sort of pale grey colour, and was usually mixed with chicory? I do. I grew up in the 1970s in Birmingham, England. Back then, you didn’t buy a cup of coffee in a shop. You bought a jar of powdered stuff from a supermarket, and you made it yourself at home.

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Visa is a different company this week – and it’s all thanks to mobile

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There was a time when a payments network had to do one thing: verify and process transactions made with pieces of plastic in shops. Not any more. Payments have gone virtual. People expect to make them anywhere. Last week, Visa responded to this change by turning into a software company. Tim Green looked more closely… Did you happen to catch the Visa announcement a few days ago? You know, the one that said: the developers have won and now we’re changing everything. Actually it didn’t say that. It said: ‘Visa Opens its Global Network with Launch of Visa Developer’.

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Infographic: nine in ten Brits used their mobile phone to help with Christmas plans

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Its been a mobile Christmas for Brits with 91 per cent of people in the UK having used a mobile device in the run up to and during the holiday.

This infographic from Weve looks at shopping and beyond, indexing a wide range of typical smartphone activities from organising travel to food and drink and the importance of seizing both mobile marketing and omni-channel retail opportunities to keep the tills ringing.

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Infographic: mobile and social media are driving retail

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Mobile is increasingly a central strand in any retail strategy. Far beyond simply providing an app or mobile website, savvy retailers are bringing together mobile offers, loyalty programmes and location services with social media. Understanding how mobile and social go hand-in-hand is explored in more depth in this infographic from MarketLive’s Seventh Annual Holiday Research Study.

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