Internet of Things

Internet of Cars: Connectivity Standardisation In a Jam

MEF Advisor Andrew Parkin-White examines the current thinking on connectivity for autonomous cars and vehicles, and explores why the delays in progress now might benefit the industry in the long term. Autonomous vehicles will feature strongly in future global transportation trends. Regulators were promising a new standard to vehicle to…
July 17, 2019
Internet of Things

IoT @ ITW2019: Telco New Approaches Required

MEF Advisor Andrew Parkin-White reflects on the discussions on IoT held during ITW Atlanta, and how the market is developing. At the 2019 International Telecom Week (ITW) in Atlanta IoT was a common topic of discussion. This might surprise some: ITW is a wholesale event and it rarely covers ‘service…
July 10, 2019
Internet of ThingsMEF Webinars

Mobile IoT – Are you Cybersecurity Ready?

The Mobile IoT market is set for rapid growth over the coming years and providers are concentrating more on rapid widescale deployment with security often being a later consideration. This is not a tenable position as IoT applications can be mission critical and security needs to be at the forefront…
June 18, 2019
Internet of ThingsOpinion

Great IoT technologies, slow IoT deployments

Angel Dobardziev, Director at independent research consultancy WhiteBridge Insight, shares his key takeaways from IoT World and what the exhibition and debates on the show tell us about the future of the IoT space. The recent IoT World event in Silicon Valley was very insightful. The IoT enabling technologies we…
June 5, 2019
Internet of Things

Member Interview: JT International

MEFTV speaks to Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT International at the Cellular IoT panel held during MWC 2019, where he describes some of the discussions of the panel, and the opportunities presented by cellular IoT. “We talked at length about the responsibility we have as providers to protect the…
May 9, 2019
Internet of ThingsMEF Webinars

Mobile IoT Security and Roaming: MEF Webinar

IoT is among us already, and mobile use cases are also becoming more common. However, the industry agrees that some fundamental issues still need to be understood by enterprises or solved by the industry. MEF IoT advisor Andrew Parkin-White explores the issues of international connectivity and security with an expert…
May 2, 2019

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