Infographic: The Global A2P SMS messaging market and the impact of RCS

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Check out this infographic detailing the findings of Mobilesquared’s new research into Global A2P SMS messaging, taking an in-depth look at the projected growth of the global A2P SMS industry, including the potential impact of RCS.

For more in-depth insight, take a look at an overview from Chief Analyst Nick Lane, and you can download the whole databook from the MEF Insights Directory right now.

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Where to spend your travel marketing budget in 2016: mobile [Infographic]

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With summer holiday season fast approaching, it is time once again for travel marketers to focus their spending on the channels that matter – and for savvy professionals that means putting mobile at the centre of the mix.

This infographic from MDG Advertising notes the importance of mobile optimisation for any travel site, and the prevalence of mobile in booking and sharing among millenials. Worth noting too is the sheer increase in mobile search for travel categories across the board in 2015; hotel searches up 49 per cent, cruises, 49 per cent and airlines 33 per cent.

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Mobile financial services – bridges and barriers [infographic]

By | Infographic, Mobile Money

Mobile financial services continue to push out in every direction. From simply sending money peer-to-peer through to in-built car technology that allows drivers to pay for petrol without leaving their vehicle. Its all going on.

This infographic from Ovum and Amdocs is the result of the findings from a survey of 8,500 mobile users across 17 markets and provides insight in to user behaviour and the barriers to entry in the mobile money sphere.

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Mobile payments in China [infographic]

By | Featured Post, Infographic, MEF Asia

With a huge addressable domestic market and high smartphone penetration, consumers in China have embraced mobile payments and mobile money. As a result fintech investment is following with VCs keen to identify and support the startups that are bringing new ways to pay to market.

This infographic from Bob’s Guide explores the market trends that make China a global hot spot for fintech innovation.

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Two-factor authentication in the (mobile) enterprise [infographic]

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For IT departments, allowing mobile to become a part of the computing infrastructure of an enterprise – by allowing access via mobile devices – presents real problems in terms of security and as a result IT managers are resistant.

Yet the benefits of allowing remote access or including employee devices as acceptable touch points for work related services brings benefits, introducing flexibility and upping the productivity of staff.

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Mobile money in Mexico [infographic]

By | Featured Post, Infographic, MEF LatAm

Globally, mobile financial services are becoming the preferred way for consumers to perform an array of financial services or simply interact with their bank. This trend is particularly true of growth markets where mobile is the catalyst for financial inclusion.

This infographic from Amdocs and Ovum explores how and to what extent, different consumers in three LatAm countries (Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia) use mobile financial services.

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