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MasterCard is making mobile money a reality in Egypt

By | Featured Post, Mobile Money
In growth economies, where handset penetration is high, mobile is typically the first and sometimes only digital touch-point for consumers within a large under-banked or un-banked population.  Characteristically commerce in the these countries is predominantly cash based, where routine financial tasks like transferring money to friends, paying utility bills or topping up phone credit is a matter (for most at least) of paying with hard cash. However in recent years...
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Worldwide Consumer Trends: Who’s doing what on mobile?

By | Analytics, Featured Post, Infographic, MEF Global, MEF Global Forum
MEF has published a handy infographic highlighting the different consumer profiles worldwide when it comes to mobile content and commerce.  South Africans are 'mad for' apps, Brazilians are the biggest spenders in 2014 and Indian consumers lead the take up of education on mobile. The data is taken from MEF's annual Global Consumer Survey , which looks at the  consumer behaviour patterns of almost 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries...
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Direct Carrier Billing and Boku’s e-money: from digital to physical purchases

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, m-commerce, Mobile Money, Regulation
Until recently, in Europe, direct carrier billing (AKA direct operator billing) was restricted to the purchase of digital goods and operated under an exemption to the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD). This regulatory framework was largely established to deal with the purchase of ringtones and wallpapers. Now however, it’s possible for carrier billing providers to operate in full compliance with the PSD using an e-money licence, enabling carrier billing to be...
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Industry Views: Is Privacy And Consumer Trust Still Hampering The Mobile Industry?

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The last few weeks have seen some interesting moves around mobile privacy and consumer trust. Business Insider reports that taxi / ride-share app, Uber, may be collecting seemingly unrelated user data including SMSLog call history, Wi-Fi connections used, GPS locations and every type of device ID possible. Elsewhere Twitter has been under the spotlight for announcing that it will start tracking which (other) apps its users have downloaded. There's still a...
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Why Direct Operator Billing Is Back In Style

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Mobile Money
From its early beginnings as a convenient way to purchase a ringtone or game with a premium rate SMS message, paying with your mobile bill has come a long way. Today, Direct Operator Billing (DOB) (sometimes referred to as Direct Carrier Billing) is recognised globally as a highly convenient way to pay for all kinds of digital goods and services. At the same time, the plethora of mobile payment wallets which have...
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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore LATAM’s Mobile Games Market

By | Featured Post, MEF LatAm
Ana María Yumiseva is CEO of Frecuencia Latinoamérica, the Region’s leading mobile market intelligence portal. Here she examines why the mobile gaming industry can no longer ignore one of the worlds fastest growing mobile markets, and takes a deep dive into Latin America’s enormous mobile potential. Last week Benedict Evans, Partner at Andreesson Horowitz took the stage at MEF Global Forum 2014 with a presentation entitled, Mobile is Eating the World and he couldn't be...
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