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Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Grahame Riddell, Microsoft

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post

Microsoft is creating a single ‘store experience’ for all of its devices. It’s giving developers the option to write once for any device from tablet to 88 inch Surface Hub – and it believes direct carrier billing will be key to monetising this content post-sale. In a third exclusive DCB video supported by Bango, Grahame Riddell, Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing, explains why.

There’s a received wisdom that direct carrier billing is for spontaneous digital purchases only. Or for low-ticket items where a friction-free purchase really counts.

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Meet the new enterprise comms giant: Kaleyra

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post

In 2016, Ubiquity and Solutions Infini merged to become one of the world’s largest enterprise communications providers. Now, they have re-branded as Kaleyra. The companies’ CEOs Dario Calogero and Aniketh Jain talked to MEF about their ambitious project.

Nine years ago, a Bangalore-based start up Solutions Infini won its first deal. It started to send SMS notifications to the customers of a local lighting company.

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Foldable phones? F1 cars? VR moon landings? What to see at MWC 2018

By | Featured Post, MWC18, Opinion

Going to MWC? What can you expect apart from sore feet and sea food? Tim Green looks ahead to some of the possible highlights of this year’s mammoth event in Barcelona…

Ah, Mobile World Congress. The thrill of the packed commuter train ride from Espanya metro. The picket lines. The delicious frisson of having your passport checked. The lung-busting walk to Hall 8.

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Industry Views: A2P SMS & the blockchain startups

By | Featured Post, Industry Views

A new breed of fintech startups with an innovative business model are attempting to take advantage of customer’s unused, ‘limitless’ text message contracts, leveraging them as an integral part of blockchain ventures, allowing users to essentially resell messages that would be wasted.

From one perspective, such services make use of messages that would go otherwise unused to make some money for users, while providing useful services for other businesses and consumers.

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How TurnUp Music is upturning South Africa’s music scene…

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post, MEF Africa, MEFTV

Streaming music is taking over the world. But not in developing markets, where data is pricey and handsets are basic. As a result, piracy reigns. Here, Thabiet Allie explains why he built a legal alternative: TurnUp Music…

Piracy is annihilating Africa’s vibrant music scene, as it has the rest of the world. But whereas mature market users are learning to embrace services like Spotify and Deezer, Africa needs a different kind of remedy.

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10 take-ways from MEF Connects Digital – can PSD2 get authentication right?

By | Featured Post, Regulation

Can the PSD2 really deliver an explosion of fintech innovation? Possibly. But only if consumers trust the exciting new services. That puts authentication at the heart of the legislation. Last week’s MEF Connects Digital webinar took a closer look at the topic.
The Payment Services Directive 2 is here. And four communities are very excited about it.

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Top 5 programmatic advertising tips for marketers

By | Featured Post, Opinion

Aurimas Paulius Girčys, from MEF Member Eskimi shares his top tips for digital marketers to take advantage of programmatic techniques into real-world marketing strategies.

Programmatic is this trendy topic, that every digital marketing conference tries to cover. But when we step out of conference presentations into the real world, there is a challenge that Programmatic advertising currently faces.

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PSD2 is here – are you ready?

By | Featured Post, Regulation

Following the launch of MEF guidelines on the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and ahead of the new regulation coming into effect this Saturday the 13th January, CLX Communications’ Rob Malcolm outlines the key things you need to know about PSD2, what it hopes to achieve and what affect it is likely to have on those in the Messaging and Cloud Communications industry.

First, let’s qualify exactly who PSD2 will affect. As stated in the MEF guidelines, PSD2 covers all relevant stakeholders of the mobile payment ecosystem, including banks, payment processors, vendors, service providers, enterprise messaging providers and MNOs. So, it’s fair to say that it will be essential for those in our industry to pay attention.

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MEF Member interview – Telecoming

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post

Ten years ago, at the height of the financial crisis, Telecoming launched in Spain. It might have seemed a terrible time to start a a mobile billing company, but today Telecoming is flourishing all over the world. MEF spoke to the company’s COO Roberto Monge.

In October 2017, Telecoming closed a new content deal with Axiata Digital in Malaysia. The Spanish firm signed on to power multi-device mobile billing services for Axiata’s four million subscribers. It says it expects to invest $4m investment in the region over the next two years.

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