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Executive Insights Series: Rob Malcolm, VP of Marketing and Online Sales, CLX Communications

By | Executive Interview, Featured Post

Think A2P is big business now? Wait until consumers start having free-flowing chat sessions with intelligent robot agents. The numbers will be eye-watering. So says, CLX’s Rob Malcolm. But it won’t happen overnight…

It’s possible to break down the history of mobile messaging into four eras. In the first one, when SMS was launched, telecoms engineers used the channel to speak to fellow engineers. Later, users started to message each other. Then came A2P messaging, with businesses sending texts to customers.

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Hungama’s Neeraj Roy on building a ‘Netflix for south Asians’

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, MWC18

India’s Hungama Mobile dominates digital entertainment for the world’s south Asia population. It reaches 40 million people in 50 countries. In an exclusive video, Hungama’s CEO Neeraj Roy describes the journey and the future…

In the early years of the 21st century, there was a mobile entertainment revolution. A group of pioneering companies realised phones could do far more than deliver talk and text. The market for ringtones, wallpapers, alerts and screensavers was born.

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Rich Communication Services are Coming

By | Featured Post, Guest blog

Gavin Patterson, Chief data analyst at Mobilesquared discusses the promise of RCS and the services they could bring, ahead of a MEF Future of Messaging Workshop at ITW 2018.

The buzz around RCS enterprise messaging at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year was intense. The entire value chain appeared to unite in publicising various trials that showcased uplifts in click through rates compared to SMS, increased customer satisfaction rates compared to SMS and, perhaps most importantly, increased conversion rates compared to SMS.

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Defending against SMiShing – Barclays

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, mobile messaging

Jez Goldstone, Director of Customer Security Innovation in the Chief Security Office at Barclays Bank, outlines the contents of a new whitepaper which sheds light on the issue of SMiShing, whereby a phone user is tricked into taking unwanted action or downloading malware via SMS.

Smishing is a big problem across a number of industries. Our customers, and yours, are getting tricked into taking actions by fraudsters.

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Mobile e-sports: the next big thing?

By | Featured Post, Opinion

e-sports are a mainstay of PC and console gaming, but less well known (to some audiences) is the thriving mobile e-sports scene, where games designers are finding innovative ways to create an engaging and satisfying platform for gamers to compete from the comfort of their smartphones.

Competitive social gaming is big business for traditional gaming platforms like PC and consoles. According to independent analysts Newzoo, the sector was worth $660 million in 2017 and is projected to be worth some $1.5 Billion by 2020.

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Infographic: The Global A2P SMS messaging market and the impact of RCS

By | Featured Post, Infographic, mobile messaging

Check out this infographic detailing the findings of Mobilesquared’s new research into Global A2P SMS messaging, taking an in-depth look at the projected growth of the global A2P SMS industry, including the potential impact of RCS.

For more in-depth insight, take a look at an overview from Chief Analyst Nick Lane, and you can download the whole databook from the MEF Insights Directory right now.

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Enterprise Messaging and GDPR: your questions answered

By | Featured Post, Messaging

During last month’s MEF Connects Digital on the impact of GDPR on enterprise messaging, the expert panel were inundated with questions from the messaging community on this.

Here then, one of session experts, Lee Suker, Market Development Director and Data Protection Officer at XConnect has kindly taken the time to give his views on the questions not covered in the session. Both the questions & answers show the complexity of this topic and the importance of being ready for the forthcoming regulation.

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Member interview – Infinite Convergence on safe messaging at work

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, MWC18

People have always gossiped about work. The difference now is that many of those conversations take place on mobile messaging apps – where they can be stolen or leaked. It’s a major headache. But it can be solved, says Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence. He talked the MEF Minute…

In the last few years, ‘bring your own device’ has become a big thing. Employees like having the freedom to do their work with hardware products they feel comfortable with.

But in reality ‘bring your own device’ often also means ‘bring your own software’. And that can be a real problem for employers. Especially when it comes to communications software such as mobile messaging apps.

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