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Unlocking mobile content in Africa, the Basebone imperative

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MEF member Basebone is now 10 years old. The company has built a business on providing mobile entertainment and value-added services through paid subscription portals across 10 countries in four continents. Its focus is on high growth, mobile first regions.

The model works. In South Africa alone the company has over 30 million paid subscriptions achieved since market entry.

Yet delivering content isn’t straightforward. Ericsson’s 2016 Global Mobility Report suggests that there is an 85 per cent mobile subscription rate in Sub-Saharan Africa (expected to reach 105 per cent by 2022, with over 1 billion mobile subscriptions). Typically there is complexity at the network level where there is a mix of devices and low to high bandwidth connectivity options.

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Introducing MEF Insights Directory – a new industry channel

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Global Communications Manager Sam Hill shares details of a new industry platform for members and non-members alike, a curated database of current research, reports and whitepapers from across the mobile ecosystem.
While there is a wealth of useful material out there taking a deep-dive into the latest consumer insights, tech trends and buzzwords, finding current data or research on specific areas of interest can be time-consuming, and it can be easy to miss that essential data nugget you’re after.

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The power of the mobile network

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The operator SIM is a treasure trove of information about a subscriber. Now, Telefonica is using this insight to make messaging even smarter.

MEF Minute features editor, Tim Green talked to James Lasbrey, global head of messaging at Telefónica and others about how the leading mobile operator is making use of the data that it’s sitting on for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide.

A mobile operator knows a lot about its customers just by analysing their behaviour on the network. Some of this is obvious – location, browsing habits and so on. But it’s been revealed that operators can even tell when people are bored. In 2015, researchers at Telefonica developed an algorithm to reveal boredom.

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Free download – regional eBulletin: Africa edition – out now

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As a mobile first region, the growth in Africa is relentless. Milestones like registering its billionth mobile subscriber; the systematic upgrading of mobile networks and the declining cost of smartphones continue to stimulate a dynamic pan African mobile ecosystem.

MEF’s new African regional eBulletin highlights the key trends, challenges and opportunities and showcases the business models and companies that are driving the African mobile economy.

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Mobile money: usability, growth markets and the importance of choice

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MEF held its global and regional board elections at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

After the event we caught up with some of the newly elected directors – Bango’s founder and CEO, Ray Anderson, Boku’s CEO, Jon Prideaux and Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing Grahame Riddell – and asked them for their thoughts on mobile money and specifically carrier billing going forward for MEF’s recently published free Mobile Money eBulletin.

Here’s what they said…

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An OTT that’s just for me, Layer’s Ron Palmeri on apps and messaging

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What if every brand could have their own in-app messaging channel rather than rely on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Ron Palmeri, CEO of Layer says they can. He talked to MEF Minute features editor, Tim Green, about how messaging can be a part of any given app for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide.

In the last few years, it’s become very easy for developers to build previously complex services into their apps with a few lines of code. Payments? Don’t worry about all those issuers and processors. Just use Stripe. Location? Just add the Google Maps API. But what about group messaging?

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Mobile payments in emerging markets: Beyond M-Pesa

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New mobile payment systems in emerging markets are challenging traditional approaches to physical commerce.

Here Amrish Kacker, lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Operator Strategy Consulting examines the mobile payment business models in developing and developed markets in an article which also appears in MEF’s most recent free Mobile Money eBulletin.

Mobile network operators initially tried to adopt the M-Pesa payment options used in developing markets, but this met with limited success.

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Executive Insights Series: Dirk Jungnickel, SVP Business Analytics, DU

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In the latest Executive Insights video, supported by Mahindra Comviva, we examine how operators can unlock the goldmine of customer data. Here, MEF talks to Dirk Jungnickel, SVP of business analytics at du, about using data insights to reduce churn, create targeted offers and improve network performance.

For three decades operators enjoyed fantastic organic growth. At first, people simply wanted phones to make calls. Then they graduated to smartphones with data connections so they could browse the web, look at maps, listen to music.

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