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Chill! SMS provides a cool machine fix

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Philips Healthcare manufactures, manages and maintains expensive and sophisticated IT machines for the healthcare sector all over the world. And when their machines break down, repair is usually complex, requiring skilled engineers, and above all very costly.

Far better then to implement early warning systems that detect and forecast impending machine failure and notify an engineer that something is wrong?

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The rise of the attribute economy 2.0

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Nathan Kinch, Head of Experience and Labs at Meeco, outlines the rise of the attribute economy, as described in a new report co-authored by thought leaders in digital identity, personal data services and regulation.

“In computing, attributes are pieces of information, which determine the properties of a field or tag in a database, or a string of characters in a display. In more human terms, attributes are qualities, features, characteristics or an inherent part of someone or something.

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OpenMarket’s Steve French: RCS can super-charge enterprise messaging

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RCS is the next generation of SMS, a platform that can bring OTT-style features to the standard messaging app on Android devices. But it’s not just for person-to-person chat, says Steve French of OpenMarket, recently announced as an official partner of Google’s early access program.

In the MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide, Virgin Trains talked about the power of a simple text message to transform the travel experience of vulnerable passengers at Euston station in the UK.

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Telecoming: taking user experience to the next level

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Telecoming´s Head of UX, David Murillo explains why now more than ever, the user experience is critical to the mobile experience – plus, MEFTV speaks to CEO Cyrille Thivat about their business and the mobile ecosystem.
The latest Mobile World Congress portrayed that user behaviour patterns are one of the most requested insights when designing a customer journey. It’s the starting point of a journey towards achieving the main goal of mobile services: to provide users with a tailored consumer experience that meets his or her needs.

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And now for this message…how Facebook can make money from Messenger

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It’s official: Facebook is testing ads for Facebook Messenger. What does the move mean for the app’s one billion users? Tim Green, MEF features editor, looks behind the headlines…

A modest blog post by Facebook earlier this year pointed to a potentially significant moment for the social network.

The company revealed it is to conduct a small test in Australia and Thailand ‘that gives businesses the opportunity to place ads on the Messenger home screen’.

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Raising the flag on card fraud with mobile messaging

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US company FICO, has been combating financial fraud for 60 years using sophisticated AI, credit scoring and analytics. Today it protects 2.5 billion card accounts, and nearly two-thirds of all credit card transactions. A key part of its service uses SMS to help prevent fraud at the point of sale.

Gabriel Hopkins, senior director of product management at FICO recently spoke to MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green, for MEF’s free Future of Messaging Guide to discuss the central role of messaging in combating card fraud.

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We want our data back using APIs!

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Tristan Nitot, Chief Product Officer at MEF Member Cozy Cloud, discusses how ambiguous language in the impending GDPR regulation may impede the use of APIs in allowing the portability of consumer data – and how organisations, including MEF, are helping to ensure the guidelines specifically reference them as a matter of urgency.

Portability of personal data is a major topic for the digital future. In order to make sure it’s effective, it needs to happen by relying on APIs!

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#MWC17 Snapshot: Member views from the show floor

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At this year’s Mobile World Congress MEFTV was on the show floor all week checking out the hottest new tech and speaking to MEF members.

There was plenty to explore including a big focus on IoT and connected living, new (and old) handsets as well as a fairground of VR and AR demos. We’ll be publishing in-depth interviews and analysis from our members as well as the recordings from MEF’s sessions on consumer trust, enterprise messaging and sponsored data in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here’s a quick preview giving you a snapshot on the lowdown of #MWC17.

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MEF members elect 19 board directors to champion industry engagement

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MEF has announced the results of its Global, EMEA and LatAm board elections for the 2017/2019 term following its AGM in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress last week.

19 executives representing the diversity of the global mobile ecosystem from mobile operators to companies at the forefront of mobile payments, messaging, personal data and content were elected to take forward MEF’s mandate.

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