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Text: the driver behind the drivers

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It takes a huge amount of complex technology to make Uber’s transformative service run smoothly. But without reliable text from driver to rider, it all falls down…

Here MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green, explains the role of SMS in the Uber service with additonal comments from Uber founder, Travis Kalanick. The original article appeared in MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide alongside more than 3o other use cases, interviews and articles. The guide can be downloaded here for free.

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What’s next for enterprise messaging? CLX’s Robert Gerstmann discusses RCS

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Just a few days before Mobile World Congress, Google announced plans to integrate RCS messaging in to new Android handsets. 27 mobile carriers and OEMs have agreed to make it their default-messaging app so that the newly christened ‘Android Messages’ will become a native feature of Android devices going forward.

Here, MEF member, Robert Gerstmann, MD for CLX Communications discusses the significance of the Google RCS announcement.

Robert also caught up with MEF TV at Mobile World Congress. See his thoughts from the show floor in the video below.

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Back to the future: how voice could make operators rich again

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For all the impact of text and IM, people still talk on the phone. So is there a way to make money from voice with ads? Yes, says Calldorado’s Claudia Dreier-Poepperl. And operators are best placed to cash in…

What happened to voice?

People still speak to each other on the phone. But voice revenues have been on the decline for years. According to Statista, they peaked at $720bn in 2011.

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Gemalto: it’s time for MNOs to make a decision about monetizing customer data

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Frederic Martinent, Product Marketing Director at Gemalto envisions the nightmarish dilemma facing mobile network operators on how to deal with the pressing problem of monetizing, or not, their customer’s data.

A voice whispers to you, “monetize…monetize…monetize”. You’re suddenly surrounded by board members, staring at you sternly. “Why didn’t you take this opportunity?” the director of finance glowers at you, his face made up of data rather than flesh. Suddenly, they all stand up and march towards you, reaching for you and your job with outstretched hands.

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JT Global: In IoT and messaging, we can be the operator for the operators

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Jersey’s JT Global is one of the world’s smaller mobile operators. But it has huge ambitions. It’s using the insights gleaned from its advanced network at home to target IoT and messaging users all over the world. MEF Minute talked to JT’s Tom Noel…

By the end of this year, the most connected place in the world could be Jersey, a small island off the coast of Northern France.

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MEF SESSION @ MWC: Data access models – 8 big talking points on sponsored data

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Rewarding someone who watches a video ad with free data? Sounds like an interesting new ad format. This was one of the ideas to emerge from MEF’s session at MWC on new business models for monetising mobile access in emerging and developed markets. Here are the highlights…

Sponsored data is back. Years after what was the premium content business trialled what was then called ‘sender pays’ data, brands and operators are once again experimenting with the concept.

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What gives? Charities get smart with text

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SMS has been a big boost to charitable giving. Now, says Cancer Research product manager, Lisa Elkins-Jarrett, new tools are making it even more effective.

It’s no exaggeration to say that SMS has transformed the charity sector. Most people want to give, but some can be reluctant to engage directly with charities for fear of a ‘hard sell’. Text bypasses this. It’s straightforward and immediate. Read rates average at around 95 per cent.

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MMD Smart: Give em’ what they want!

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Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development and Marketing for MEF Member MMD Smart reflects on an eventful MWC 2017, and how the changes seen on the show floor reflect the ongoing evolution of the mobile industry.

“Is this really a mobile congress or is this the Detroit Auto Show?” was my first internal impression of MWC 2017. The dynamic changes from my first time at MWC 20 years earlier in Cannes, when it was still called the GSMA Conference, and even from many previous times attending MWC in Barcelona, are extraordinary.

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Get involved: mHealth App Developer Economics Study

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Research2Guidance, the leading mHealth market research company, has launched its 7th annual mHealth App Developer Economics Study for 2017. As as official partner, MEF is inviting members of the global app ecosystem to get involved in shaping the future of the mHealth industry. Research2Guidance Business Analyst David Ireland explains…

Research2Guidance has once again opened its doors to the annual mHealth App Developer Economics Study for the seventh year. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard throughout the mobile health community, and beyond.

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