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Cinarra Interview: it’s time for MNOs to monetise their data

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Advertisers are very good at understanding people’s online journeys. But offline? Not so much. Cinnara believes MNOs are sitting on location data that can fix the problem – and unlock huge revenues. MEF talked to Cinarra’s CEO Sundi Sundaresh…

If data is the new oil, then mobile network operators are sitting on lakes of the stuff.

Your carrier knows your name, address, gender, age and more. It also – crucially – knows where you are and where you’ve been.

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Understanding attitudes towards digital identity and personal information

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Michael Becker, an expert advisor on identity & personal information management solutions, outlines the findings of a new paper from MEF and Assurant that takes a closer look at UK smartphone user’s attitudes towards their personal information and privacy in the post GDPR age.

Worldwide and with a mixture of interest and trepidation, people are awakening to the fact that their identity and personal data are being used for a myriad of social and commercial purposes. For instance, on the one hand, people are increasingly recognising that their digital identities and personal data are being leveraged by industry actors to personalise products and services that create convenient experiences and enhance value.

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Interview: UK tax collector HMRC on reducing SMiShing by 90 per cent

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When the UK ‘taxman’ HMRC hugely reduced email-based scams, fraudsters turned to SMS. Here, Mike Fell, head of operational and cyber security at HMRC, speaks to MEF’s Tim Green about how the agency tackled the new threat.

It’s been said many times that the only certainties are death and taxes.

A bit depressing. But not for the committed fraudster. If everyone has to pay taxes, that means everyone has to come into contact with the tax collector. And right there is a fruitful opportunity to rip people off.

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Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Fernando Luciano, Telefônica Vivo

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Direct carrier billing is a convenient alternative to cards for millions of users. But for those without cards, it’s a route to healthcare, education and vital utilities. In this DCB video supported by Bango, Fernando Luciano, director of digital services and innovation at Telefônica Vivo, explains why.

Most people think of direct carrier billing (DCB) as something that works best with entertainment – paying for virtual goods in a mobile game; buying a music track; subscribing to a TV service.

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wikipedia jack rabah jorge vargas

MEF Interview – Wikimedia foundation

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MEFTV speaks to Jorge Vargas and Jack Rabah from the Wikimedia Foundation, who explains the objectives of the non-profit Foundation in focusing on efforts to make Wikipedia a truly global free knowledge resource – while widely known and used in the US and Europe, only 30% of Wikipedia traffic comes from emerging countries.

As part of the Wikimedia 2030 vision, the Wikimedia Foundation is working to expand partnerships with mission aligned organizations by empowering communities to participate in knowledge creation and sharing.

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Google talks RCS: the commercials, the numbers, the vision

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Why is Google supporting RCS? What progress has it made so far? And how is it working with aggregators to power RCS business messaging? Last week, the company outlined its mission to MEF members. Here are the highlights…

“RCS is real. It’s happening.”

That was how Todd Parker, head of business development for carrier messaging at Google, opened up his review of the messaging format at the MEF Connects Digital webinar last week.

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Interview: ITW Global Leaders’ Forum on tackling fraud

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MEF’s fight against messaging fraud has been welcomed by the management organisation for the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum. Why? Because it’s waging a similar war on voice scams. Here, Jussi Makela, Director of the GLF, talks about the two programmes, and how GLF and MEF are working together.

People hate premium voice line fraud.

For obvious reasons. Carriers hate voice fraud too. It causes horrible PR damage. Oh, and it costs around $17bn a year. That’s why, in March 2018, the international wholesale voice community decided to do something about it.

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MEF Member news, July 23

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Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…

Telecom company Ooredoo is offering travellers from Oman three times more data as part of its Passport World bundle. Available from July 17 to September 16, Passport World subscribers will be eligible for more data abroad at no additional cost.

Furthermore, users will get 30 voice minutes along with their bundle, which includes making local calls within the roaming country, calling back to Oman and receiving calls while they are travelling.

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The four noble truths of digital sovereignty

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Michael Becker, an expert advisor on identity & personal information management solutions, shares a unique insight into what it really means to participate in the digital economy, and how we as consumers, can balance the risks and many rewards.

People reap tremendous value and convenience when participating in the digital economy, but each time they do they put their privacy and personal security at risk since people’s identities and personal information power a sizable portion of the digital economy. And not just the digital economy, our identity and personal information is giving birth to the personal information economy, and once this economy matures market opportunities and rules will be vastly different.

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Brazil is on the verge of its new Data Privacy Law

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Rafael Pellon, MEF LatAm advisor and partner at Focaccia, Amaral, Salvia, Pellon & Lamonica Advogados discusses the ongoing debate in the Brazilian legislature surrounding the adoption of GDPR-like rules governing data privacy for the country.

At the end of May the House of Representatives in Brazil approved the Bill of Law 4060/2012 that would establish a General Data Privacy Law in the country. On this week, given the strong engagement of internet rights NGOs, trade associations, government authorities and luminaries of the academia and legal sectors, Senator Renato Ferraço…

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