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Is Machine Learning really boosting mobile marketing engagement?

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Stéphanie Viriot, from MEF Member and digital security specialists Gemalto explores machine learning and how it can be harnessed to deliver practical results in mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing is widely used now by many different actors, which is great to see, but it is still difficult to send personalized interactions and specifically tailored offers to the end-users. Consequently, threshold limits of campaign responses/acceptance rates tend to be relatively low.

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Member interview – R&D Communication

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MEFTV speaks to Daniele Poiero, Founder and CEO of R&D Communication about their business and some of the challenges facing the growth of the A2P SMS market.

“If we talk about barriers – regulation which is somehow lacking.. or not well controlled in some countries around the world by local governments – the industry is affected.. the consequence is the birth and growing of illegal rogues that are quite an issue for the companies that try to work properly within the business..”

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10 take-ways from MEF Connects Digital – what’s next for African digital content?

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Africa stands on the brink of a digital content revolution. A vast mobile-first audience is ready to embrace affordable streaming services in huge quantities. Well, that’s the theory. It is feasible? Last week’s MEF Connects Digital webinar, supported by Content Connect Africa, convened five insiders to find out…

There are two ways to look at the African digital content market.

The first focuses on a continent of rising economic wealth with a youthful mobile-first population hungry for entertainment.

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Member Interview: AppScatter

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MEFTV speaks to Jason Hill, Chief Revenue Officer for AppScatter during the recent Pocket Gamer Connects event in London about their business and the future of the global app ecosystem.

“Gaming companies primarily generate revenue through mobile advertising or in-app purchasing.. if they’re just on Apple & Google they limiting their reach to customers.. ”

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Bananas, travel agents and a bunch of snowflakes: takeaways from #MWC18

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Did you buy a MWC t-shirt from the expo shop? Did you book an MWC tour? Did you wear a hat and gloves? Tim Green recalls the big news and the unexpected weirdness of MWC18…

To get the best out of Mobile World Congress you typically need three things: a sense of curiosity, business cards, energy drinks.

This year, you needed only one. A coat.

Yes, for the first time in living memory MWC was – as the Americans like to say – freaking freezing. For those of us from more Northerly regions, this was a shock. We go to Barcelona for spring sunshine not more of the same misery we get at home.

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MEF Connects #MWC18 in pictures

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Its been another busy week for the industry at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where MEF hosted a series of networking events and member workshops, as well as the 16th annual MEF Connects MWC – we’ll be sharing all the highlights and analysis in coming weeks. For now, check out all the action from the party with photos supported by Kaleyra. For the second year running the University of Barcelona provided a beautiful backdrop to the networking highlight of the congress – see if you were caught on camera in our photo highlights below.

Thanks to all our partners ForgeRock, Syntonic, CLX Communications, Kaleyra, Infinite Convergence, Hungama and Telecoming.

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10 things you need to know about… Direct Carrier Billing

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Basebone’s James McNab shares his top 10 tips and facts on direct carrier billing, following the recent announcement of a new dedicated platform focussing specifically on mobile payment solutions.

With the recent launch of Basebone Connects, Basebone has expanded its billing reach within the African continent, and is now able to offer mobile billing solutions to clients in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as its main market South Africa. Why is Basebone expanding its reach into the African Market through Direct Carrier Billing?

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Moving Beyond the Data Plan

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Ahead of an exclusive panel at MWC examining the next generation of disruptive content services, Syntonic Co-Founder and CEO Gary Greenbaum here discusses the market opportunities for content solutions that allow consumers to experience the mobile internet beyond their data plan with unrestricted access to apps and content.

Today’s basic data plan is built around ‘megabytes’ and ‘gigabytes’ of data, however, the concept of data is fundamentally abstract and confusing for the consumer.

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Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Grahame Riddell, Microsoft

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Microsoft is creating a single ‘store experience’ for all of its devices. It’s giving developers the option to write once for any device from tablet to 88 inch Surface Hub – and it believes direct carrier billing will be key to monetising this content post-sale. In a third exclusive DCB video supported by Bango, Grahame Riddell, Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing, explains why.

There’s a received wisdom that direct carrier billing is for spontaneous digital purchases only. Or for low-ticket items where a friction-free purchase really counts.

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