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MEF Session @ MWC: ‘The best way to ensure privacy is to design it in’

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The digital economy can only flourish when there is consumer trust. So perhaps the best way to boost trust is bake it in whenever services are presented and sold. This was one of the fascinating takeaways of a leadership session at MWC hosted by MEF and American Express…

The issue of trust in a digital economy is not just concerned with ethics. It’s also about hard cash. The truth is, rising levels of consumer mistrust – whether based on security or privacy fears – is having a negative impact on digital commerce…

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Privacy and messaging – just between me and you

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Mobile messaging taps into the human desire for contact. But what about the human desire for privacy? Alan Duric, co-founder and CTO at Wire wants to bring it back.

Here he talks to MEF Minute features editor, Tim Green about his privacy-first chat app as part of MEF’s recently published Future of Messaging Guide which can be downloaded here for free.

The success of mobile messaging proves one thing. However fast technology moves, people beings will always want to communicate with other people.

Every social network – Facebook, SnapChat, Line, WeChat – just reminds us of this basic human need.

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Are corporate social networks the key to owning the customer?

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Arthur Goldstuck, Founder of World Wide Worx, discusses the role social networks play in enterprise’s attempts to engage customers, and how MEF member Basebone has set out to redefine the relationship.

When more than a quarter of a country’s total population is active on social networks, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube seem like obvious avenues for businesses to reach the customer.

There’s one flaw in the model, however: the customers still belong to the network. Facebook will always have more data, more insight and more history on the individual than any company that extracts mere contact details or financial information.

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Venmo: turning IOU into ‘how are you?’

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US-based Venmo is a surprising thing: a social messaging app based around payments. Actually, says Venmo’s head of product Ben Mills, it’s not surprising at all. It was designed that way.

MEF Minute’s features editor, Tim Green caught up with Mills to discuss how the company has combined payments, messaging and social media to build its billion-dollar business model.

In the US everyone knows about Venmo. In a country that still likes to use cheques, this person-to-person payments app offers a glimpse of the future. Venmo lets people send money to each other instantly.

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Viacom: “Operators are the next wave of B2B content partners”

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Viacom was active in mobile content right from the get-go – working with carriers to monetise brands like MTV. A lot has changed since. Brands went direct. But now Viacom is teaming up with operators again. The company’s SVP Dan Reich explained why to MEF MInute…

“Our priority is to drive value for our content partners. And there’s no doubt that our next wave of partners is the mobile operators.”

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MEF Session @ MWC: are users ready for A2P conversations?

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Bands want to evolve enterprise messaging into enterprise conversation. Is it possible? MEF and RealNetworks convened a stellar panel of experts at MWC to debate this topic and the wider future of A2P…

Brands want to evolve enterprise messaging into enterprise conversation. Is it possible? MEF convened a stellar line-up of experts to debate this topic…

Enterprise messaging is on the cusp of huge change. In fact, it’s already here. And any service provider that’s still in the existing mindset of ‘transport, report, repeat’ is facing a tough time…

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How can bots help proactively build privacy and consumer trust in online services?

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Is data privacy falling by the wayside in the rush to digitize online services? When users interact with social media, chat apps, online retailers, financial services and more, how personal data is used is a source of increasing concern for consumers.

A MEF study published in 2016 revealed that 36 per cent of consumers are put off from downloading and using more mobile apps and services due to privacy and security concerns whilst 52 per cent have deleted apps that worried them.

Deutsche Telekom has launched a competition to prove that this does not have to be the case.

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iTouch Messaging : MEMS is a rich-media messaging platform, for Africa too

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Waheed Adam, Chairman of iTouch Messaging, describes a rich-media messaging solution tailored to the African markets and describes the unique challenges and solutions facing businesses bringing these services to the region.

While Africa faces many technological challenges in terms of bandwidth and stable/affordable data and internet rates/services, improvements are being made and the technology ecosystem is getting better.

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Cart abandonment on mobile is the elephant in the m-commerce room

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Cart abandonment is the bane of ecommerce retailers – but it is especially prevalent on mobile. MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter explains why and offers some views on what businesses can do to combat such behaviour.

When thinking about a digital issue, it helps to frame it as a real-world one. So how are we to think about the problem of ‘cart abandonment’?

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MEF Joins the European Trust Foundation

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Today MEF is announcing that it has joined the European Trust Foundation – an independent body working with governments, corporates, trade-associations, SME bodies and others within and outside the EU, to strengthen digital trust throughout Europe.

The European Trust Foundation is co-ordinated by the not for profit think tank EEMA, and focusses on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cyber security, the Internet of Things and mobile applications.

Consumer Trust has long-since been a central initiative for MEF. In 2012 MEF’s Consumer Trust Working Group was established and its annual global consumer survey (now in its 5th year) was launched.

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