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SpotX Q&A: “Of course there can be 15 minute mobile video ads”

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If video is inevitable future of mobile advertising, why can’t there be long-form ads? There can, says SpotX’s Allen Klosowski. He talked to MEF Minute about what’s coming next for video advertising on the small screen…

In advertising, there are universal rules. Anyone who has studied the history of medium knows that. And one of the most important is this: Long copy is best. This might seem counter-intuitive. With short attention spans, surely it’s best to keep everything as brief as possible, right?

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Viacom: “Operators are the next wave of B2B content partners”

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Viacom was active in mobile content right from the get-go – working with carriers to monetise brands like MTV. A lot has changed since. Brands went direct. But now Viacom is teaming up with operators again. The company’s SVP Dan Reich explained why to MEF MInute…

“Our priority is to drive value for our content partners. And there’s no doubt that our next wave of partners is the mobile operators.”

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Back to the future: how voice could make operators rich again

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For all the impact of text and IM, people still talk on the phone. So is there a way to make money from voice with ads? Yes, says Calldorado’s Claudia Dreier-Poepperl. And operators are best placed to cash in…

What happened to voice?

People still speak to each other on the phone. But voice revenues have been on the decline for years. According to Statista, they peaked at $720bn in 2011.

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Executive Insights Series: Manny Teixeira, MTN

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In the latest instalment of MEF’s video series supported by Mahindra Comviva, we look at how operators in developing markets are managing the transition to new value added services. Manny Teixeira, group head of digital media and services at MTN, talks to us about the next phase…

Africa has begun its transition away from the feature phone to the smartphone.

According Analysys Mason’s Middle East and Africa regional research programme, the region’s smartphone sales will grow at a CAGR of 10.8 per cent between 2015 and 2020, from 63 million units to 105 million units. Smartphones will account for 62.4 per cent of all handset sales in the SSA region in 2020.

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UMG’s Ty Roberts: get ready for revolutionary new digital music products

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Ty Roberts is a Silicon Valley and record industry insider with a genuine love for both technology and music. Universal Music Group’s first-ever CTO shared his thoughts about the technological future of music with MEF Minute…
Ten years ago, when Sony Ericsson’s Walkman branded phones ruled the mobile music space, the handset maker launched a feature called SensMe. The aim was to generate track choices made on mood and emotion, rather than pitch and tempo.

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Executive Insights Series: Deon Liebenberg, Vodacom South Africa

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In the latest Executive Insight video supported by Mahindra Comviva, we look at the transformative potential of the Internet of Things in developing economies. Here, MEF talks to Deon Liebenberg, managing executive for the IoT at Vodacom.

He explains what’s need to make the market flourish, and how South Africa is leading the space.
Could the epidemic of car theft in South Africa be the unlikely catalyst for one of the world’s most advanced IoT markets?

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Why the time has come for sponsored mobile data

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The world’s smartphone users don’t want bits and bytes, says Syntonic CEO Gary Greenbaum. They want music, video and games. He talked to MEF Minute about this changing consumer mindset and Syntonic’s sponsored content models.

We live in an era of exploding demand for streaming video, on-demand music and connected gaming on mobile. But one factor limits the potential of this content market: the cost of data. Consumers are either concerned at the cost or they don’t understand data at all. After all, how many megabytes are there in 10 minutes of YouTube?

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Executive Insights Series: Christian de Faria, Airtel Africa

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In the latest Executive Insight video supported by Mahindra Comviva, MEF talks to Christian de Faria, Executive Chairman of AIRTEL Africa, about driving digital transformation in developing markets.

In 2016, it became possible for any mobile money user In Tanzania to send money to any other user, regardless of operator. So, in other words, and Airtel Money customer could transact instantly on mobile with a customer of Vodacom, Tigo or Zantel.

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Executive Insights Series: Adia Sowho, Etisalat Nigeria

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In the latest Executive Insight video supported by Mahindra Comviva, we look at the evolution of the mobile money space in Africa. Here, MEF talks to Adia Sowho, director of digital business at Etisalat Nigeria, about the challenges and opportunities for the market in Nigeria.

In the banking world, there is much talk about inclusion. Banks and card schemes frequently discuss the challenge of bringing billions of unbanked people into the world of traditional financial services.
There’s no similar conversation in mobile. There’s no need. Virtually everyone is already included.

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Africa’s mobile-first music scene: Antos Stella, Content Connect Africa

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There’s huge potential in Africa’s mobile-first music scene. But you need strong local knowledge to unlock it. So says Antos Stella, managing director of Content Connect Africa. In this exclusive interview for MEF Minute, she explains why she is so excited about the market…

In the ‘mature markets’ of Europe and North America, the music industry is undergoing profound change. There’s excitement, but also trepidation. The traditional analogue model of CDs and high street shops was extraordinarily lucrative. Now, it’s gone. Re-adjusting is painful.

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