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Member interview: Crazy4Media and the drive for a digital Andalusia

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Brit Tom Horsey has turned Crazy4Media into one of Spain’s leading mobile and digital specialists. Now, he wants to make Southern Spain a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors. He shared his vision with Tim Green…

Throughout history, Englishmen have travelled to Spain in search of adventure (and also sunshine).

Writer Laurie Lee ‘walked out one midsummer morning’ and didn’t stop till he reached Iberia. George Orwell joined the fight against Franco. More prosaically, Terry Venables won La Liga for Barcelona.

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Wirecard on the untapped magic of payment data

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At a basic level, payment data will reveal the things you purchased. But combine this with when you bought them, what the weather was like, what else you bought and so on, and a retailer can really start to understand its customers. At Money 20/20 last month, Wirecard launched a new service to crunch payment data. MEF talked to its EVP of mobile services Jörn Leogrande…

In the transition to digital commerce, all businesses are encouraged to think about data. Experts advise them to analyse everything a customer does in the lead up to a payment.

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Infinite Convergence on the value of secure messaging

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Secure messaging is critically important for any enterprise with sensitive information to protect. Infinite Convergence developed the NetSfere app to give enterprise employees safe messaging that’s also fun to use. MEF Minute spoke to the firm at Money 20/20 last month.

Around a decade ago, digital technology and the smartphone changed the workplace. Gradually, people stopped using their company desktops and laptops exclusively for work, and began to do business from their own mobile devices.

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One billion Windows 10 users: Grahame Riddell on Microsoft’s grand DCB vision

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“You don’t need a Windows Phone to be very good customer of Microsoft,” says Grahame Riddell. And he should know. Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing is working hard to bring Charge-to-Bill to a potential one billion Windows 10 users on Laptops, Surface, Xbox and even Hololens. He outlined his project to MEF Minute…
On August 24 1995, tens of thousands of people queued up to buy the Windows 95 CD-ROM. They paid $210 for a copy. And by the end of the year, sales hit 40 million.

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Executive Insights Series: James Lasbrey, Global Head of Messaging, Telefonica

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What is ‘messaging as a service’? Will bots change consumer service forever? When will SMS 2.0 arrive? In the latest Executive Insights video supported by Mahindra Comviva, MEF discusses the future of messaging to James Lasbrey, global head of messaging at Telefonica.

It’s quite convenient to think of Facebook as the enemy of operator messaging. After all, Facebook Messenger has evaporated consumer text traffic in many markets.
Convenient, yes. But also wrong.

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Executive Insights Series: Glyn Povah, Telefónica

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In the latest Executive Insights video, supported by Mahindra Comviva, MEF talks to Glyn Povah, founder and director of global product development for Smart Digits at Telefónica. He explains why Telefonica started an new business unit to explore data insights.

In the north of England, they have an expression: ‘where’s there’s muck, there’s brass’. It means you can always turn trash (muck) into money (brass).

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Executive Insights Series: Dirk Jungnickel, SVP Business Analytics, DU

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In the latest Executive Insights video, supported by Mahindra Comviva, we examine how operators can unlock the goldmine of customer data. Here, MEF talks to Dirk Jungnickel, SVP of business analytics at du, about using data insights to reduce churn, create targeted offers and improve network performance.

For three decades operators enjoyed fantastic organic growth. At first, people simply wanted phones to make calls. Then they graduated to smartphones with data connections so they could browse the web, look at maps, listen to music.

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Infobip: new use cases for direct carrier billing are everywhere

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From Spotify subscriptions to micro-loans, the potential for carrier billing is only limited by the market’s imagination. So says, Ante Ukalović, CEO of Centili – the DCB arm of Infobip. He talked to MEF Minute…Could micro-insurance be the catalyst that propels direct carrier billing to the next level?

Here’s a possible scenario. An insurance company sells a health or life policy to a citizen in a developing country. The insurer sends the forms through the post hoping the customer will fill and return them. Often, they don’t.

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Content lives! Basebone’s Michael Holmqvist on succeeding outside the app store

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Mobile entertainment portals disappeared when iTunes and Google Play came along, didn’t they? Absolutely not, says Michael Holmqvist, CEO of Basebone. He’s found a successful formula – and it’s ten years old this summer. He spoke to MEF Minute.

“In high growth markets, people don’t expect to get digital content for free. It’s different in Europe because of the ad culture. But in developing countries, they expect to pay.”

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SpotX Q&A: “Of course there can be 15 minute mobile video ads”

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If video is inevitable future of mobile advertising, why can’t there be long-form ads? There can, says SpotX’s Allen Klosowski. He talked to MEF Minute about what’s coming next for video advertising on the small screen…

In advertising, there are universal rules. Anyone who has studied the history of medium knows that. And one of the most important is this: Long copy is best. This might seem counter-intuitive. With short attention spans, surely it’s best to keep everything as brief as possible, right?

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