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Cinarra Interview: it’s time for MNOs to monetise their data

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Advertisers are very good at understanding people’s online journeys. But offline? Not so much. Cinnara believes MNOs are sitting on location data that can fix the problem – and unlock huge revenues. MEF talked to Cinarra’s CEO Sundi Sundaresh…

If data is the new oil, then mobile network operators are sitting on lakes of the stuff.

Your carrier knows your name, address, gender, age and more. It also – crucially – knows where you are and where you’ve been.

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Interview: UK tax collector HMRC on reducing SMiShing by 90 per cent

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When the UK ‘taxman’ HMRC hugely reduced email-based scams, fraudsters turned to SMS. Here, Mike Fell, head of operational and cyber security at HMRC, speaks to MEF’s Tim Green about how the agency tackled the new threat.

It’s been said many times that the only certainties are death and taxes.

A bit depressing. But not for the committed fraudster. If everyone has to pay taxes, that means everyone has to come into contact with the tax collector. And right there is a fruitful opportunity to rip people off.

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Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Fernando Luciano, Telefônica Vivo

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Direct carrier billing is a convenient alternative to cards for millions of users. But for those without cards, it’s a route to healthcare, education and vital utilities. In this DCB video supported by Bango, Fernando Luciano, director of digital services and innovation at Telefônica Vivo, explains why.

Most people think of direct carrier billing (DCB) as something that works best with entertainment – paying for virtual goods in a mobile game; buying a music track; subscribing to a TV service.

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Interview: ITW Global Leaders’ Forum on tackling fraud

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MEF’s fight against messaging fraud has been welcomed by the management organisation for the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum. Why? Because it’s waging a similar war on voice scams. Here, Jussi Makela, Director of the GLF, talks about the two programmes, and how GLF and MEF are working together.

People hate premium voice line fraud.

For obvious reasons. Carriers hate voice fraud too. It causes horrible PR damage. Oh, and it costs around $17bn a year. That’s why, in March 2018, the international wholesale voice community decided to do something about it.

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Executive Insights Series: James Lasbrey, director of carrier relations, Nexmo

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Everyone likes the idea of conversational commerce. But it only truly works when a customer can talk to a brand across any channel – voice, text, OTT, push. So says James Lasbrey, director of carrier relations at Nexmo. He conversed with MEF in an exclusive video interview…

In 2015, a photo went viral and started to appear in powerpoint presentations all over the world.

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Executive Insights Series: Rob Malcolm, VP of Marketing and Online Sales, CLX Communications

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Think A2P is big business now? Wait until consumers start having free-flowing chat sessions with intelligent robot agents. The numbers will be eye-watering. So says, CLX’s Rob Malcolm. But it won’t happen overnight…

It’s possible to break down the history of mobile messaging into four eras. In the first one, when SMS was launched, telecoms engineers used the channel to speak to fellow engineers. Later, users started to message each other. Then came A2P messaging, with businesses sending texts to customers.

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Executive Insights Series: Virginie Debris, VP of Global Product Management, SAP Digital Interconnect

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Enterprise messaging is at a crossroads. Consumers are ready for more engagement, but they want it across many more channels than just SMS. Virginie Debris, VP of global product management at SAP Digital Interconnect, explains why she thinks this is a huge opportunity for the market.

After over a decade of growth, A2P messaging is now ready for its second life. And the key to this next stage? Conversation.

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Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Grahame Riddell, Microsoft

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Microsoft is creating a single ‘store experience’ for all of its devices. It’s giving developers the option to write once for any device from tablet to 88 inch Surface Hub – and it believes direct carrier billing will be key to monetising this content post-sale. In a third exclusive DCB video supported by Bango, Grahame Riddell, Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing, explains why.

There’s a received wisdom that direct carrier billing is for spontaneous digital purchases only. Or for low-ticket items where a friction-free purchase really counts.

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Meet the new enterprise comms giant: Kaleyra

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In 2016, Ubiquity and Solutions Infini merged to become one of the world’s largest enterprise communications providers. Now, they have re-branded as Kaleyra. The companies’ CEOs Dario Calogero and Aniketh Jain talked to MEF about their ambitious project.

Nine years ago, a Bangalore-based start up Solutions Infini won its first deal. It started to send SMS notifications to the customers of a local lighting company.

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