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Navigating the Shift to Digital and Mobile Video

Until recently, traditional TV players had brushed off the notion that digital will have a heavy impact on their business or market share. It’s understandable, considering the platform continues to grow (even today), but the mistake in this thinking was not taking the shift in technology or viewer behaviors into…
Sam Hill
August 29, 2014
Mobile PaymentsVAS

Digital Wallets – Transforming the retail experience

Srinivas Nidugondi, Senior Vice President at Mahindra Comviva heads the mobile financial Solutions business unit. Here he discusses how mobile wallets present a huge opportunity for creative merchants to add value to digital transactions, while sharing his key tips for success and the pitfalls to avoid. The way we use money has…
Sam Hill
August 13, 2014
5 minutes withMusic

5 minutes with… Psonar

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week Martin Rigby, CEO, introduces music streaming service Psonar. What does Psonar do? Psonar is an on-demand streaming music service, optimised for mobile, that lets people listen to music on a pay-as-you-go…
Sam Hill
August 1, 2014
Guest blogVAS

6 hidden factors that drive commercially successful mHealth app publishing

There are 6 hidden factors which distinguish financially successful mHealth app developers from the rest - Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director of research2guidance shares the results of their global study on mHealth app publishing. There are above the line factors that contribute to successful mHealth app publishing. These include “getting featured” on…
Sam Hill
May 28, 2014
Guest blogVAS

Disruption and Innovation in mobile – an expert panel’s view

Steven Ambrose, CEO of Strategy Worx Consulting, reflects on how new mobile technologies have disrupted business models, market economies and even human society. A useful starting point for MEF’s latest webinar - on disruption and innovation in the mobile market – was to look at it from the perspective of challengers versus…
Sam Hill
May 20, 2014

MEF Africa Day 2014

Last week the first MEF Africa Day was held in Johannesburg supported by Samsung, and saw around one hundred industry leaders gather over three sessions for debate, dialogue, insightful presentations and constructive networking. MEF Africa GM Jo Crawshaw shares the day's events, and if you were able to make it along…
Sam Hill
April 9, 2014
AfricaGuest blogMusicVAS

Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya 2014

Marissa Drouillard, Intelligence Consultant, Mobile for Development at the GSMA, discusses the findings of their recent report on Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya which looks at current opportunities and challenges for the Kenyan entrepreneurship ecosystem. Pete’s Coffee, nestled in Nairobi’s Bishop Magua building, is the kind of place where aspiring Kenyan…
Sam Hill
March 19, 2014