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Walking the line between POPIA and GDPR

Russel Luck, specialist Technology Attorney at SwiftTechLaw discusses the similarities and differences between South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and Europe’s GDPR and how companies doing business across both regions need to handle their approach to privacy compliance. A lesser-known fact is that the European Union is the…
Sam Hill
October 18, 2018
AfricaCountry Focus

Unlocking mobile content in Africa, the Basebone imperative

MEF member Basebone is now 10 years old. The company has built a business on providing mobile entertainment and value-added services through paid subscription portals across 10 countries in four continents. Its focus is on high growth, mobile first regions. The model works. In South Africa alone the company has…
June 14, 2017
Country Focus

Essential mobile snapshot: Myanmar

Investment is now pouring into new democracy Myanmar. Here's a snapshot of what has been described as the world's first mobile-only country... When President Thein Sein of Myanmar conceded the 2015 general election to Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, he did it with a post on Facebook.
August 24, 2016
Country Focusm-commerce

China market focus: mobile payments

China's mobile payment market is booming. Thanks to Alipay and Tencent, local consumers are very happy to make payments by phone - not just online but in store too. Now, new entrants like Apple and Samsung want to provide some competition...
Sam Hill
March 16, 2016
Country Focus

Country focus: march of the Chinese smartphone makers

The smartphone market is changing - and its rising stars are China's own device makers. MEF Minute explores who these new players are, and how they have changed the landscape. Five years ago, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi didn’t exist. Today, it is the biggest seller of smartphones in its home…
March 9, 2016
Country FocusMEF Asia

Country focus: China’s mobile market in 13 stats

China's mobile market is officially the biggest in the world - by pretty much any measure. It has more subscribers than any other country, downloads more apps and generates more revenue from these apps. The country also makes a growing share of the world's handsets, with firms like Xiaomi, Oppo…
March 2, 2016