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The forgotten personal data threat: HLR lookups

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Telecoms routing specialist XConnect’s Data Protection Officer Lee Suker discusses the use of Home Location Register (HLR) lookup services describing the opportunity they represent for the industry to improve a multitude of services, and also issuing a warning regarding the little known personal data threat they could pose for businesses and individuals post GDPR.

The Home Location Register is the main database of subscriber information for a mobile network

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Understanding attitudes towards digital identity and personal information

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Michael Becker, an expert advisor on identity & personal information management solutions, outlines the findings of a new paper from MEF and Assurant that takes a closer look at UK smartphone user’s attitudes towards their personal information and privacy in the post GDPR age.

Worldwide and with a mixture of interest and trepidation, people are awakening to the fact that their identity and personal data are being used for a myriad of social and commercial purposes. For instance, on the one hand, people are increasingly recognising that their digital identities and personal data are being leveraged by industry actors to personalise products and services that create convenient experiences and enhance value.

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Interview: UK tax collector HMRC on reducing SMiShing by 90 per cent

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When the UK ‘taxman’ HMRC hugely reduced email-based scams, fraudsters turned to SMS. Here, Mike Fell, head of operational and cyber security at HMRC, speaks to MEF’s Tim Green about how the agency tackled the new threat.

It’s been said many times that the only certainties are death and taxes.

A bit depressing. But not for the committed fraudster. If everyone has to pay taxes, that means everyone has to come into contact with the tax collector. And right there is a fruitful opportunity to rip people off.

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GDPR: Navigating the Business Responsibilities and Opportunities

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5 days into the launch of GDPR, MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter joined Katryna Dow, founder and CEO of Meeco, Amanda Long, Director-General of Consumers International, Shadi Razak, CTO of Cynation, and moderator Mark Little, senior manager at GSMAi for a keynote panel at the m360 Privacy & Security Event in The Hague to reflect on what we’ve learned to date and what lies ahead.

As reported on Mobile World Live, ‘Experts say consumers are wising up on personal data’ the panel stressed the challenges companies face in building trust with users and what needs to change in order for GDPR regulation to achieve on its full potential.

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MEF CEO named Trust Leader of the Year

By | Consumer Trust, Featured Post

Last month identity leaders and experts gathered in Washington for the annual KNOW Identity Conference, which featured the 2nd annual KNOW Awards, celebrating the most compelling start-ups, individuals, and identity organisations of the year.

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF’s CEO won the Trust Leader of the Year and reflecting on the awards, Travis Jarae CEO of One World Identity (OWI) said: “We are thrilled to announce Rimma Perelmuter as this year’s Trust Leader of the Year at KNOW 2018 in recognition of her critical role and advocacy on the importance of trust in data-driven services.”

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MEF MWC Leadership Session: consumer trust – crisis or opportunity?

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When people are not giving away their data, they’re having it stolen. Will billions of connected machines make this data leakage better or worse? MEF’s annual Leadership Session at MWC 2018, supported by ForgeRock, thrashed the topic out – MEF Features Editor Tim Green shares his takeaways…

It was entirely possible to come away from this MEF session with two very different conclusions…

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Why we need an international identity and personal data Trust Mark online

By | Consumer Trust, Featured Post, Guest blog

In this guest post, Founder and Executive Chairman of Julian Ranger discusses the concept of a trust framework for personal data, along with the potential for use of an internationally recognised symbol such as a kitemark.

The need for a trust framework to ratify who we can safely charge with holding even the most sensitive personal data from every area of our lives is becoming increasingly urgent.

As trust becomes the key consumer differentiator in an ever more data-driven and personalised world, how we identify those who will be good stewards of our digital identities has never been more important.

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Legal guide to global telecoms regulation + consumer trust

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The Global Legal Group (GLG), the independent, London-based legal market specialists has released its latest lnternational Comparative Legal Guide to Telecoms, Media & Internet Laws & Regulations in association with MEF.

MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter has contributed one of three general chapters to the guide, exploring the work undertaken by MEF and its members in better understanding the role of consumer trust in the proliferation of mobile goods and services, and how recent and impending changes to regulations may affect the industry and how businesses need to think about personal data.

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Consent-giving machines? GDPR gone global? 13 insights from the MEF Connects Digital panel…

By | Consumer Trust, Featured Post, MEF Connects Digital

Last week, four experts reflected on the profound difficulty of ‘getting digital consent right’. And the huge upside when you do. Here are the highlights of the first MEF Connected Digital live video webinar…

Can a machine give consent? Why do consumers hate privacy policies so much? How can you present consent forms on a small mobile screen? Or no screen at all?

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12 more stats exploring consumer attitudes to the personal data economy

By | Consumer Trust, Featured Post, Personal Data Ecocnomy, Privacy

Just as smartphones have upped the ante on what can be achieved in terms of content, services and customer interactivity, the accessibility, importance and value of mobile user data has snowballed. Businesses now build commercial strategies based on hundreds of points of measurement or data-capture – the personal data economy.

In tandem, the forthcoming (May 2018) EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expands the personal data rights of EU citizens.

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