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Cross-Platform Tools are making a big progress in the app developer community

A growing portion of developers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Cross-Platform Tools (CPT), and leading vendors have made significant progress in the rate of adoption by app developers. This is one of the results of research2guidance's second global benchmarking report for CPT and services, which undertakes a detailed comparison of…
Sam Hill
August 6, 2014

Is your App Sticky Enough? [Infographic]

App analytics and marketing firm, Localytics has released its latest update to its App Stickiness Index - the company measure of user engagement (specifically mining data on app use frequency).  According to the index, 20% of apps are opened just once and then abandoned, with sports apps faring particularly badly at a…
Sam Hill
August 5, 2014

The Rise of Hired Hackers [Infographic]

Here's an interesting infographic from Samsung’s latest security report, based on a pan-European survey of 5,000 workers, examining the apparent shift from work/life balance to work/life blend. Naturally, mobile is a big part of this trend, with 41% now using personal smartphones for both work and personal uses. It also takes in…
Sam Hill
July 22, 2014

The 2014 Mobile Market in Brazil [Infographic]

With global attention still on Brazil for the final stages of the World Cup, US Media Consulting has put together this timely infographic offering key stats for Brazil’s mobile market. Brazil has 134% mobile penetration while smartphones account for 18% of the mobile market for example. Earlier this year MEF's LatAm Chairman…
Sam Hill
July 7, 2014
AnalyticsGuest blog

Myanmar: the final frontier for the mobile internet

MEF Member OnDevice Research has released a fascinating new report on the mobile habits of consumers in Myanmar (also known as Burma), thought to be the first survey of its kind in the country. It found, among many observations, that half of the mobile internet population came online during the…
Sam Hill
July 1, 2014
AnalyticsGuest blogMeffys

iPhone Users Focus on Health, Android Users Prefer Fitness

Opera Mediaworks recently conducted research to discover if distinct patterns exist among the growing mobile health and fitness audience in terms of device used and activity across apps by looking at mobile ad-impressions.  There are significant differences across devices and countries. Here, Opera Mediaworks MD, Mark Slade breaks out some of the headline…
Tim Banks
June 26, 2014

The World Cup of Mobile [Infographic]

With most of the planet firmly in the grip of World Cup fever, the IAB and OnDevice Research bring us some fascinating insights into how consumers globally are using mobile to enhance their experience of the event. 48% of people surveyed in the multi-country study plan to follow matches on their…
Sam Hill
June 19, 2014

The Appification of Health & Fitness [Infographic]

Mobile professional services firm  Mobiquity has put together this infographic on the results of a survey of how consumers use their phones to track their health & fitness. 45 per cent use their fitness apps daily, with the majority tracking calorie intake, monitoring weight and goals. 63 per cent plan to use…
Sam Hill
June 12, 2014