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14 stats that explore the growth of A2P messaging

The latest issue of MEF’s eBulletin is out today and turns the spotlight on mobile messaging taking an in-depth look at the issues, news and market drivers shaping the enterprise messaging space including analysis on revenue leakage, global market forecasts, conversational commerce and how being consumer-centric boosts engagement. Businesses are…
September 30, 2016
10 thingsAnalytics

iKnow: 12 essential stats on the world of Apple

One billion iPhones and $50 billion paid out to developers. The landmark numbers keep on coming from Apple. Here are 12 key stats you should know about the world's biggest tech hardware maker... Shortly before Tim Cook revealed the app store milestone, Apple announced its third quarter results. So let’s…
September 5, 2016
10 things

10 things you need to know about India’s mobile market

MEF Member Bango takes a deep dive into the Indian mobile ecosystem, discovering a thriving, dynamic market. Here Josh Spoelstra shares 10 top tips to understanding mobile in India. New data from GSMA states that India will be the fastest growing mobile market in the world between now and the…
Sam Hill
June 7, 2016
10 thingsAnalyticsOpinions

10 facts about the Bangladesh mobile advertising market

Kaymun Amin, CEO and Founder of MEF Member VuMobile takes a deep dive into the Bangladesh market, explaining why it presents such an exciting opportunity for advertisers, and how to maximise a mobile campaign’s effectiveness. 1) Bangladesh’s has a mobile internet base of 50million and 1.5billion impressions per month traffic.
Sam Hill
January 26, 2016
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Retail focus: the current state of mobile retail in 10 statements

How important is click and collect? What’s happening with showrooming? Has the public embraced contactless? MEF Minute looks at how retail and mobile are intersecting in 2015...Mobile payments comprise over a quarter of global online payments Stats from Dutch payments processor Adyen say mobile’s total share of online payments is…
Sam Hill
December 16, 2015
10 thingsMobile Payments

10 trends that will impact mobile money in 2015

Mobile Money is taking off.  Buoyed by the launch of NFC payments from the likes of Apple and Google in developed markets and the lowering cost of smartphones in growth markets, it offers convenience, financial inclusion and incredible reach. Yet the technology is typically fragmented and necessarily has varying levels…
Sam Hill
August 12, 2015