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The 10 Disruptive Digital Business Models For Health Insurers

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Digital technologies will transform the health insurance business. Early adopters have started to implement new digital business models with initial success. A new report from market analysts Research2Guidance describes ten digital business models for health insurers that will disrupt the industry, as explained by business analyst Zhang Jie.

Advances in higher-quality digital technology – especially apps, sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI) – along with their proliferation among members have spurred the emergence of new business models.

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10 digital marketing campaign stats you probably didn’t know

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Daniel Nunez Rodriguez, Product Lead for Instant Ads, an intraprenurial initiative at Telefónica Innovation shares ten key facts about digital marketing campaigns, digging into the intricacies of how success is measured, where mobile fits in to the picture of how consumers are exposed to campaigns and some of the technical barriers and opportunities for creating a successful digital campaign.

In 2017 Digital Advertising investment surpassed TV as the preferred media channel for marketers to pour their marketing dollars, accounting for $200B in total. Digital Advertising is also a healthy industry growing at a steady 20% YoY and projected to be a +$400B industry by 202

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Key takeaways from MEF’s guide to digital consent in the personal data economy

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Clear informed consent is the key to ensuring consumers trust every digital transaction. It’s a critical issue – which is why MEF’s Global Consumer Trust Working Group has examined the issues in order to develop a free whitepaper on the subject. Here, we present some of the highlights.

In 2010, 7,500 people sold their souls to the UK retailer, GameStation. These unwitting customers had bought from the store and missed the “immortal soul clause” buried in the site’s terms and conditions. Thankfully, this was an April Fool’s joke and GameStation returned its harvested souls back to their rightful owners.

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12 stats and facts that explore drivers for building consumer trust in mobile content and services

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In May 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented. Consumers will be compelled to give permission before any of their data is collected by a company, and that data must be transferrable and deleted, or returned on request.

The regulation is a significant step in placing the consumer in control of who uses their data and how it is used. At the same time the business models of apps and services often rely on personal data to help monetise their offerings.

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13 essential stats that frame the mobile market in Sub-Saharan Africa

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As a mobile first region, the growth in Africa is relentless.

Landmarks like registering its billionth mobile subscriber have already been passed and the systematic upgrading of mobile networks to 3G and 4G LTE is enabling a flourishing mobile ecosystem that, coupled with the declining cost of smartphones is helping to galvanise the African mobile economy.

Here we take a look at the recent market trends, analysis and forecasts that show how growth in the region is taking shape.

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16 statistics that explore the issue of consumer trust in mobile

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High-profile data breaches and a growing consumer desire to know how user information is gathered, stored and brokered underlines just how central the issue of consumer trust is in mobile.

Supported by Mozilla and bics, MEF’s recently published Consumer Trust eBulletin explores these issues and offers insights on regulation, market stats, and via MEF’s white paper – Understanding the Personal Data Economy – a closer look at the idea that consumers can actively participate in how their personal data is used – a model premised on a value exchange that is built on trust and informed user consent.

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Six tips to engage end-users with trusted mobile marketing in Nigeria

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MEF member Gemalto shares the findings of its new survey, revealing the key success factors to be met by mobile operators and brands in Nigeria to maximize user engagement for mobile marketing campaigns.

Has the mobile advertising era finally reached Nigeria? As a matter of fact, 2017 will see mobile advertising spending exceed desktop ad spending for the first time. And by 2019 spending on mobile will represent 64% of all Internet advertising spending in the country.

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14 stats that explore the growth of A2P messaging

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The latest issue of MEF’s eBulletin is out today and turns the spotlight on mobile messaging taking an in-depth look at the issues, news and market drivers shaping the enterprise messaging space including analysis on revenue leakage, global market forecasts, conversational commerce and how being consumer-centric boosts engagement.

Businesses are increasingly turning to enterprise messaging as a key platform for engaging consumers. Impressive open rates for marketing messages are well cited. But beyond this areas such as authentication and notification in sectors like banking and healthcare as well as relationship building for brands and retailers are driving the messaging ecosystem forward.

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iKnow: 12 essential stats on the world of Apple

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One billion iPhones and $50 billion paid out to developers. The landmark numbers keep on coming from Apple. Here are 12 key stats you should know about the world’s biggest tech hardware maker…

Shortly before Tim Cook revealed the app store milestone, Apple announced its third quarter results. So let’s take a look at key performance data of the world’s largest (occasionally second largest) tech company.

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5G is coming: 20 things you need to know – Part 2

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Last week, and in light of the publication of a 5G Manifesto by a consortium of European mobile operators, we published part one of our guide to 5G and what you need to know about the new, faster mobile standard.

In part 1, we heard among other things how it will let users download a full HD movie in seconds, and details of trials taking place worldwide. If you missed it, take a look now – and find out more with part 2 of our essential 5G cheat sheet.

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