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Smartphones have captured the imagination of billions of mobile subscribers globally, slipping seamlessly into the lives of people practically everywhere. They are in so many ways our window on the world and what’s really driving growth is the platform for the (quite literally) millions of applications they allow us access to. Whether chatting to a loved one, ordering food or playing a game (and practically ANYTHING else you can think of), smartphones have truly captured the imagination of the largest country in Latin America – Brazil.

Looking around at people the world over, it’s easy to assume that interaction with others via chat apps is always going to be the leading activity smartphone users spend their time with but you’d be wrong. MEF’s Brazil 2021 Smartphone User Survey gets under the skin of all things smartphone where Brazil is concerned and packed full of statistics and great insights, there truly is something for everyone here!

  • Smartphone penetration by platform and hardware

  • Messaging preferences

  • Payment experience

  • Usage of mobile apps

  • Attitudes to trust and personal data

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Executive Summary

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Latin America has approximately 10% of the world’s population with 650 million inhabitants and making up more than 30% of that alone is Brazil. And Brazilians sure do love their smartphones and apps - no other country’s mobile subscribers are heavier users of apps! All is however not a bed of roses. Of all the countries MEF surveyed, Brazilian smartphone users have the unenviable record of experiencing the highest incidences of overcharging by their serving mobile operators.
Our Brazil 2021 Smartphone User Survey has some great insights and is well worth a read. But then you’d know because you’re reading this foreword! Enjoy. I most certainly did.

James WilliamsDirector of Programmes