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Enterprise Needs and CSP Solutions

The goal of this report is to explore how enterprises can achieve best practice in IoT connectivity across a range of topics. The specific focus is around three areas – solutions for enterprise IoT needs, IoT global connectivity and IoT technologies.

In 2021, we undertook a survey into IoT drivers challenges priorities, technology choices and supplier references, and we spoke to 450 enterprises globally that were already using IoT.  In 2022, we repeated the survey, but this time, we are looking at enterprises that are planning to use IoT in the next 6 to 24 months in Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, UK, and the USA (as in 2021).

In terms of the sectors, we examined what was happening in automotive, automotive manufacturing systems, transportation, storage and logistics, utilities and energy, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial retail and wholesale agriculture and smart cities and intelligent buildings was added this year.

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As part of the 2021 survey, we asked enterprises to rate a series of IoT connectivity issues alongside the contributing IoT CSPs to rate these same issues. We have compared those ratings and the discussion around them appears throughout this report with some further analysis based on our enterprise surveys.

This report is structured into sections covering key aspects of IoT connectivity, how important they are to the enterprise and the views of IoT CSPs on the issues covered and their recommendations on best expertise. We explore:

  • Enterprise needs, trends and challenges around the service offerings and CSP solutions

  • Evolution of the IoT global IoT connectivity (roaming) and enterprise considerations around this

  • Development of the IoT technology landscape and how enterprises can maximise the benefits – including key connectivity technologies and the impact of eSIM.

  • Enterprises issues surrounding service wraparound solutions including service management, performance monitoring, data management and additional services including analytics and Cloud integration

  • The importance of sustainability to the enterprise

I am delighted to introduce this report on Best Practice in IoT Connectivity. By way of context, this report brings together three strands of research and analysis undertaken by MEF. Our aim is to understand key connectivity issues faced by enterprises and establish best practice solutions.
The intentions for the Best Practice report are to have a neutral standpoint and to provide resources for CSPs engaging in dialogue with customers and prospects. The assumption is that enterprises need support in the selection process and ongoing management of their IoT implementations and need to be aware of the multiple issues apparent in the IoT ecosystem and the tools to make an informed choice.
Please do not hesitate to contact me to explore how MEF can best support your IoT aspirations.

Nassia SkoulikaritiIoT Program Director